7 Mindful Boosts to Self Esteem

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Confidence is alluring. But how do we achieve it in today’s pressure-cooker world? We’ll show you how to find balance and better self esteem as we embrace life in a calmer, more positive way.

present1) Present (Not) Tense

Try living for the moment, in the moment. Stop worrying about your extensive to-do list and focus on the here and now, the opportunities at hand. The shoulda, woulda, coulda leads to too much mental clutter. Sweep it away, along with your inner critic, and embrace the day with a renewed energy to greet the happy little moments along the way.


2) Profiles in Courageprofile

It takes guts to walk away from the mirror. But rather than obsessing over every little line and blemish, why not see yourself the way others do? Take a confidence-boosting stroll through your online profile. It’s like a running playlist of your best accomplishments and most flattering photos. Like a form of self-hypnosis, when your self confidence is waning, just rewind your playlist like a mini-movie through your brain.

om3) Just Say “Om…”

Clear your mind and focus on your breath. The mindful moves of yoga tap into the energy at your core, charging your muscles and creating a self awareness that nurtures your self esteem. As you lengthen and strengthen your body, you’ll release feel-good endorphins and gain a fresh perspective on your abilities. And the benefits to your posture are a natural confidence creator.

4) A Sunny Dispositionsunny

Grab your girlfriend and head outdoors for a walk and chat. Even though it’s chilly, the mental and physical benefits of getting some fresh air are well worth the effort to bundle up. Valuable Vitamin D from the sun, harder to come by this time of year, is a known mood elevator.




5) The Social Network

The reciprocal effect of spreading good cheer is positively uplifting. Make eye contact and smile at a stranger. Flirt with your husband with a sweet little kiss and adoring smile. When the smiles and hugs come back your way, it’s amazing how those positive vibes can alter your psyche and self esteem for the better.


6) Come to Your Sensessenses

Fall is a great time to engage your senses as the panorama changes with the season. Listen to the leaves rustle as you crunch along the way. Take in the beauty of the light dappling through the trees. Drop a slice of lime in your water and taste the zingy crispness. On dreary days, it’s easy to feel unmotivated and down and by proxy, down on yourself. Brighten up, turn on the lights and turn up the music. Belt it out and just dance.

metime7) Schedule Some Me-Time

Carve out a little personal time and get your hair and nails done. Just had a haircut? How about getting a blowout? Or maybe a massage. This is your time. Don’t fret about what you should be doing. Just revel in the experience and sensations. This is what your soul needs. And now that you’re confidently relaxed and pretty, why not schedule a date night!


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