Makeup Application Oops! How to fix the flubs without starting over

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A smudge, a smear, a nick, too much… You don’t have to wash your face and begin again from scratch. We have the quick tips to erase the makeup mistake and resume fresh.

1) Foundation Faux Pas

Too many layers of foundation can look cakey, making you look flakey, dry and old. A simpler trick to remove the excess makeup is to spritz your face with water and use a sponge to soften and blend. Or try massaging a little moisturizer into your face to smooth and blend the foundation.

fauxpads2) Overboard Blush

Stripey, harsh blush leaving you looking a little clownish? A clean, fluffy blush can help you swipe away the excess powder blush. After each swirl, wipe the brush on a towel to remove the makeup. Keep brushing away the excess until you’re left with a healthy, natural flush. For cream blush, you can blend in a spot of lotion or a little foundation on top. You just might look like you have a beautiful, inner glow.

oblush3) Eye Makeup Errors

Your face is expertly made up, you’re applying your final coat of mascara when “ACHOO!” You just speckled your face with flecks of black mascara. For a quick clean up, let the mascara dry first, then use a clean mascara wand or Q-tip to gently lift the smudge. Too-much eyeshadow can be tamed by layering a neutral shadow over the too-strong shade. Too-heavy eyeliner can go from severe to sensational by gently smudging the line with a Q-tip or makeup brush. Voila! Instant smoky eye!

eyemakeup4) Lipstick Lapses

Dramatic, dark lipstick may look great on the pages of the fashion magazine, but too heavy-handed and aging once you try it. To soften the look, layer some lipgloss, then blot your lips on a tissue. Reapply the gloss. You’ve just found a new shade of beautiful! To cover a lipstick smudge or overdrawn lipliner, a bit of concealer can work its magic to erase the mistake.

lipstick5) Hair Horrors

Plop! Too much product on your hair can take you from glossy mane to greasy mess. A dry shampoo can be the perfect solution to help you absorb the excess. Oil blotting sheets can be especially useful on short hair to soak up the styling product. Singeing your hair with your heat styling tools can leave you with broken strands that stick straight out. Smooth the edges with a hair shine serum to blend the singed pieces back into your hair until they grow back.

Long Hair Serums6) Nicked Nail Polish

You just finished your perfect pedi when you stubbed your toe and ruined the polished finish. Not to worry. Simply grab a Q-tip (or even your finger). Dip it in a little polish remover. Be sure the Q-tip isn’t too saturated. Lightly smooth over the smudge. Go back over with a fresh coat. Let dry, then finish with a top coat. Or, for an even quicker fix, try a smudge repair polish that will “melt” your polish to fill in the gaps and create a smoother surface. For an edge crack, lightly buff to smooth the edges, then finish with your polish and top coat.

nickednail7) Overplucked Brow Blunders

You started with bushy brows and pluck, pluck, pluck… Oops! Now you’re looking a little uneven and sparse. To repair the bare caused by the persistent plucking try shaping and filling in with a brow pencil and shadow. A little brow gel can help sculpt the remaining hairs. Even better, a brow-filling product that fills in sparse spots with hair-like fibers for a more natural, long-lasting brow effect.

Eyebrow Filler

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  • Joan

    Very helpful. Hope I can remember it all. I’m glad that it wasn’t just pushing your products, tho I will be checking them out now. I do have q-tips!
    I know most of your customers are youthful but tips for those of us who are older are always appreciated.

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