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This is my story of how a wonderful opportunity began in the midst of changing economic times.

In early October 2011, on a cold fall day, I had just finished up a wonderful tasting promotion for my new baby, Outer Banks Rum Cakes. Early evening was upon me as I arrived home and sat in my favorite soft and cozy chaise lounge and put my feet up with my loyal white shaggy dog Mac right next to me. I started going through my stack of mail. I was excited to open one of my favorite catalogs, Soft Surroundings, first. As I opened the first page I began reading “A Letter from Robin.”

outerbanksIn this letter, I read that Robin Sheldon had visited my home, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She wrote of how she loved visiting the beautiful coast of North Carolina fondly known as the as the “Land of Beginnings.”

Further, she said that she would not “utter the H word just yet”, meaning for the holidays, but that Soft Surroundings had many “Goodies” to introduce in the upcoming catalog issue. I thought: “Wait a minute… she loves the Outer Banks and she’s looking to offer a variety of delicious treats for the upcoming holiday season!” What an opportunity!

My mom always said, ask the angels but be very specific if you want help. So I did.

It was a long shot, but I emailed Robin directly to see if perhaps she might be interested in trying an Outer Banks Rum Cake. Just maybe Soft Surroundings would offer our delicious Outer Banks Rum Cakes as part of their splendid line-up of  “Gifts & Goodies.”

outerbanks1I never imagined that I would hear from Robin directly, but there was a message for me the very next day. Sarah, Senior Buyer from Soft Surroundings, had left a message for me on behalf of Robin!

I was astounded! I jumped for joy! I called my husband, my mom, my daughters and my sisters and told them of the news. Since this had been a family project all along, everyone was elated.

As a female entrepreneur, I have researched Robin Sheldon. Her journey through entrepreneurship has been an inspiration to me. I have a bottle of the perfume she just launched, called 1908, a scent reminiscent of her grandparent’s love, sitting on my desk as a token to “just believe.” If I need a little reminder or a little courage, I spray some on.

All things are possible, if you just believe: how reading “A Letter from Robin” in Soft Surroundings and an answered prayer from the angels resulted in a wonderful partnership with a dynamic company like Soft Surroundings. It has been a magical journey to share Outer Banks Rum Cakes with you and your family this holiday season. It is my wish that you and yours know that all things are possible, if you just believe.

KIll Devil Jill.good pic jpgSue Erickson Goodrich
Outer Banks Rum Cakes
To learn the legend of the dark haired, raven eyed, pirate gal “Kill Devil Jill” her loyal white shaggy dog Mac and Outer Banks Rum Cakes, visit our website at www.outerbanksrumcakes.com



*For the chance to win an Outer Banks Rum Cake, tell us what you find most tempting about this dessert! To gain a second entry (and double your chances!), also comment on this previous post about the history behind Outer Banks Rum Cakes.

**Read our official contest rules here (This contest is closed.) Soft Surroundings no longer offers edibles.

  • jodeen

    Awesome story by the way!

  • jodeen

    The most tempting thing is the buttery, rum, sugary flavor!

  • Lindsay

    Way to go Mom!! I am so proud of all of your hard work! You are one of a kind, and so is your cake 🙂 Love you!

  • norma

    Wonderful story. Your cakes look wonderful. What a holiday treat. I can picture this at a Thanksgiving dinner in a Victorian home with a perfectly set table!

  • Catherine

    What a wonderful story. As a past business owner I know the blood , sweat and tears one puts into their passion. Your cake looks so yummy, and beautiful. I would even go so far to say that it makes a lovely centerpiece for your holiday table!! I too love coming home to a Soft Surroundings catalog!! Blessings to you and your family this holiday season and continued success!

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