A Glimmer of Holiday Shimmer Putting on the glitz, 7 stunning ways.

By on December 6, 2013, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Soft Surroundings

titleWhen applied just so, a spot of shimmer or shine can be beautiful at any age.

1) The Shimmer Primer
Shimmer Sweater The key to the perfect shimmery accent is to pick one area to spotlight. Choose from warm, subtly shimmering makeup, a sparkly jeweled accent or softly shiny clothing, but not all at once. Just as you might do a pop of color, opt for a trace of shimmer for a subtly alluring and festive look this season.

2) Dewy, Young & Glowing
Shimmery highlights are a beautiful way to add light to your face and seemingly airbrush away the years. For the most youthful look, makeup Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blushshould always look natural, even shimmer. The best trick is to use a shade that matches your skintone. Sheer, soft golds and champagnes are lovely choices. Steer clear of the glittery disco effects or heavily frosted varieties.


3) Hit the High Notes
For a gorgeous holiday look, it’s important to start with the basics and prime your face first. This will keep any color or shimmer from migrating and settling in fine lines. An allover BB cream will give you a dewy, glowing, flawless complexion. After you’ve applied the rest Jane Iredale Glow Timeof your makeup, including blush, apply a soft layer of shimmer powder to the highlight points of your face, like the apples of your cheeks and your browbones. Be sure to blend well with a soft, large brush reserved just for your shimmer products.

4) Age-Defying Special Effects
These little dabs of light brighten your whole appearance, making you look refreshed, wide-eyed and more youthful. A touch of shiny, light-colored Jane Iredale Eye Highlighter Pencil gloss in the middle of your upper and lower lips creates a plump, luscious pout. Similarly, a spot highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes will instantly perk up tired eyes. Go for a soft pink shade, not white, in a powder or cream-to-powder finish for the most natural appearance.

5) Body Beautiful
Don’t forget a little glisten on your body either! Well-placed shimmer on your shoulders or décolletage can make your skin look vibrant and young. A bJane Iredale Sunbeam ronzer with a hint of shimmer is an easy choice for natural radiance. If you use a powder shimmer as an accent, be sure skin is well moisturized first. Let the hydration sink in before applying shimmer, so you don’t end up with a streaky finish. Blend well with a large brush.

6) Shiny, Vivacious Hair
A glossy mane offers its own light-reflecting benefits and certainly makes you look younger. Give your locks a little TLC with a deeply hydrating shampoo Buriti Intensive Hair Repair Mask and conditioner. Be sure to use a cool rinse to seal the cuticle at the end of your shower to smooth the flyaways. A restorative hair mask and shine-enhancing products like shine-boosting oils or anti-frizz creams can work wonders. And go easy on the heat styling tools.

7) All that Glitters
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but any faceted crystals or semiprecious gems can be just as lovely, especially when set in light-reflecting silver or gold. A glittery scarf, bag or tBijoux Earringsop can also add some holiday wow and perfectly spotlight your sparkling personality. Or show your metal with wardrobe pieces that rock a subtle metallic sheen.