Terri R. | Corryton, TN

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terrirWhen there’s nothing else you can do, there’s still someone you can be.

What three words best describe your style?

Casual, comfortable, elegant.

My idea of a perfect day is. . .

Productive work day followed by time with hubby.

What one fashion rule do you always abide by?

If it is uncomfortable, you will be miserable – don’t buy it!

The biggest fashion faux pas (mistake) I ever made was. . .

Wrong bra with a thin shirt.

What article of clothing is at the top of your shopping list?

Need a good “staple” long black skirt.

The best beauty advice I ever received was. . .

Everyone has beauty and everyone has value.

How do you unwind?

Sitting at the firepit with a glass of wine.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

We LOVE the Florida Keys.

Do you have a passion project or favorite hobby?

Work keeps me too busy for projects, but we do love spending time at the lake.

Describe the most memorable gift you’ve ever received.

When we bought our first little house – and were completely broke – instead of roses for Valentine’s Day, my husband planted a rose bush that I could see from my kitchen window. Most thoughtful gift ever.

How has your style evolved over the years?

From corporate suits in the office to a more comfortable, relaxed style, since I now work as a Division Manager in sales.

One item I never leave the house without is. . . . .

My lipstick

Quote to live by?

“When there’s nothing else you can do, there’s still someone you can be.”

What is your favorite Soft Surroundings product?Suede Leggings

Leggings and pants.


  • Soft Surroundings

    Dear Juanita,

    We are pleased that you have finally found us! Where have you been? Six back surgeries–you do need a generous supply of Soft Surroundings comfort! The best way to learn of special promotions is to sign up for email and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You will be able to keep up with all the special promotions and receive heads-up on the latest at Soft Surroundings. You take care of yourself–and know that we are here to help you do just that! Comfort to you!
    Soft Surroundings

  • Soft Surroundings

    Hi Karen,

    We choose what to feature each month from all the submissions, so not every submission is featured. If you submitted a My Style Profile for Home, we are no longer running that promotion due to the very low number of submissions we received. We have saved your entry though, should we decided to try to re-launch the My Style Profile for Home.

    We encourage you to submit your profile to our apparel-focused My Style Profile. Thank you for your interest and participation!

    Soft Surroundings

  • Juanita

    Ok, I don’t know where I’ve been, but I just received your catalogue and just sent my second order in 24 hours. I can’t wait, I can’t wait. I’ve had six back surgeries and need “comfort”. Since I am new are there coupons we can use,, based on the amount of my orders. Thank you so much and God Bless.

  • Karen

    Do you publish all the entries that are submitted, or do you choose from all of them. I submitted one in November. I actually submitted (2) to include a pic of the Tapesty bedset along with the flameless candle.

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