Use Your Senses to Create a Relaxing Bedroom Retreat

By on January 22, 2014, in Home and Furniture, Soft Surroundings

How To Create a Bedroom RetreatThe kitchen is the place in the house where you gather. But the bedroom is the place where you retreat. So it’s no wonder we want our bedrooms to be as relaxing and oasis-like as possible. How do you make that happen? Just use your senses. Yep, all 5 of them!

Of course, start by looking around. But where you go from there is key. Don’t just launch into moving the furniture. De-clutter first. Peruse and prune. Ask yourself the same question you would when you clean out your wardrobe—have I used it in two years? If not, find it a new home.

Aim for having a limited number of accent pieces in your bedroom. A carefully curated collection of photos, a trinket box, and a place for your phone or clock are on the short list. But how often do we stack up dozens of books, clothes, and papers? A clean, simple bedroom soothes eyes and anxieties.

Another consideration is color. Warm romantic, neutral colors are restful. Riviera Nesting TablesBlues and greys are calming. Deep reds are sexy. What mood is cast by the colors in your bedroom? What would you like it to be? A coat of paint is one of the least expensive ways to redecorate.

Now you’re ready to rearrange the furniture. Or, better yet, purchase a few new pieces to put things in order. Take a look at our La Vallee Du Loire Cabinet. It has plenty of room for everything from sweaters to a sound system and it’s the color of the Mediterranean Sea. Ahhh.

It’s usually best if you put your bed, the focal point, away from the door and make sure there’s enough space around it to circulate. A novel idea is to use nesting tables bedside. They pull out for additional surface area when needed, but stow away when not. Check out the Riviera Nesting Tables from Soft Surroundings. Perfect!

Of course, your choice in bedding nods to both your sense of sight and touch, which is why we like our basics bedding collection so much. It mixes soft quilting with ruffles and cable knit textures to soften things up and give the senses something to play with. Another ‘touch trick’ is to blend and mingle different woods and surface textures. Your floor may be oak or maple while the chest of drawers can be stained a deep walnut with a cool marble top. This technique, paired with rugs and linens creates a room you can’t wait to sink into.

French Market Bedding CollectionSound and Smell
Whenever and however possible, try to bring the outdoors inside and you’ll add a peaceful dimension to your bedroom retreat. Open windows, weather permitting, and drink in the sounds of nature. Or, opt for a sound machine. There’s Veranda Candelabranothing more relaxing than falling asleep at the ocean one night and in the forest the next.

Another simple way to create the kind of refuge Mother Nature knows best is with a vase of fresh cut flowers. They’re unexpected in the bedroom. Look for a vase and votive combination to add even more charm. Our Veranda Candelabra with a mouth-blown glass center will do the trick every time.

Last, but never least, make sure your bedroom idyll appeals to your sense of taste. Hide a chocolate trifle under your own pillow. Why do you think hotels do it?

Now, step back and take it all in. Use all 5 senses. What’s that—you’re dozing off already?!


  • Marsha

    Love your stuff!

  • Jeannie Magic

    Soft Surroundings has been one of my inspirations to our master bedroom redo. We have the Chalet quilt/shams and blissful bamboo sheets. Plus the many photos there have helped formulate our sanctuary style. I am so appreciative to SS’s excellent eye for beauty and function.

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Jeannie,

      Thank you taking the time to post on our blog, Soft Spoken. You keep us inspired to continue to search for more lovely bedding, furnishing and apparel to make life a little softer! It helps so much to hear from our customers that we are getting it right. Your bedroom sounds lovely and we are thrilled to know that we helped inspire your room transformation.

      Soft Surroundings

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