Blank or Boring Walls? Not Any More.

By on February 19, 2014, in Soft Surroundings

titleChanging the wall décor in your home is a quick way to breathe new life into a room. The walls are like a blank book, an unpainted canvas. To some people, that’s unnerving.  But it shouldn’t be.

Start where all successful decorating projects begin: with the whole room in mind. Ask yourself what emotion you want the room to evoke. The walls are one of the primary ways to awaken a response the minute you walk in.

Here are a few ideas we like, room by room.

Wall Drama in Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

The French know the living room and dining room are the stage upon which the best of life happens. So they decorate these walls with entertainment, conversation, and conviviality in mind.

A pair of puddled drapery panels framing an architecturally interesting window might be all a wall needs to put a guest at ease to tell a story or reminisce.

When a pendant chandelier dangles from above, the horizontal space is broken up and a warm glow and delicate shadows are cast on walls and surfaces.

walldramaOur Balloon Drapery Panels, breath-taking Waterloo Chandelier, and our carved wood Nicolette Chandelier are just the pieces to put French drama into your great room or dining room.

These walls are also prime real estate for groupings and collections. To the French, this can mean beautiful framed art like our evocative St. Germaine or Garden Siren Prints, or the ideal place to hang a collection of antique blue or celadon serving dishes.

Sumptuous and Surprising Bedroom Walls

One of the most economical and imaginative wall décor ideas we’ve witnessed was in a child’s bedroom in Paris.

Above the desk, the homeowner had tacked several colorful 11 x 17” sheets of printed wrapping paper. Each sheet was unique, but color tied the ensemble together.

The wall sang with repeating patterns of illustrated fish, geometric shapes, and comic graphic heroes. As the seasons or the child’s sensibilities changed, so did the paper!

In the master bedroom, upholstered walls drew our eye.  And behind the bed, in lieu of a headboard, a swathe of velvet drapery was suspended from a simple rod. The room felt warm, rich and cocoon-like.

Walls That Simulate

In the kitchen, the French often show their appetite for life with bright, spicy colors on accent walls or on the soffits above the cabinets.

Just recently we saw a variation on this idea. The soffits were covered with fabric—a fresh, raspberry-colored French toile. Everything else—walls and cabinets—were brilliant white. The affect was French country with an attitude.

And, across the kitchen, the wall above the family table bore a vintage French train station clock, nearly half a meter wide. So striking.

Walls That Go From Here to There

Our last little tip brings to life a wall space found in nearly every home: the expanse above the banister in a stairwell.

Traditionally, people use this space to display framed family photos, gallery style. And we love that.

Rouleau MirrorBut we chuckled with delight when we stumbled on a home where, interspersed within the genealogy of photos were old, framed wooden mirrors. So, as you climbed the stairs, your own face was immortalized with generations of others.

Do you have an unexpected décor idea for the walls in your home? Or have you seen a wall that’s just….remarkable? Let us know! We always love a great idea!