Shrewd Awakening: eye-opening tricks to look well-rested

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introSpring forward beautifully with these makeup artists’ secrets guaranteed to take you from tired to terrific.

Puffy Peepers

Debloat the bags under your eyes with these cool ideas. Chilled spoons can provide a quick soother to shrink swollen eye tissue. A bag of frozen peas can also work in a pinch. An even easier cold soother, simply pop your favorite eye cream and foundation in the fridge before you go to bed. Choose eye creams with caffeine or cucumber to maximize the de-puffing properties. To better prevent facial fluids from pooling in the first place, sleep with your head slightly elevated and avoid water-retaining salty foods.

The Bright Stuff

A luminous foundation or a BB cream can really buff away the blahs, mask imperfections and put a fresh face on sleepy days. Mix a drop of bronzer in with your foundation or BB for a decidedly sunny disposition. Brighten your complexion with the pulled-together panache of a lip and cheek stain, an easy-to-use two-in-one that makes getting ready quickly a snap. A rosy hue with golden undertones, not orangey, on the apples of your cheeks will help your concealer neutralize dark circles.

Coverproof FoundationDark Shadows

Dark undereye circles are the telltale sign that you really wanted to hit the snooze a few more times. A peach or gold-tone concealer on top of your foundation can cancel out the blues and leave you looking refreshed. Avoid raccoon eyes and create the illusion of a radiant glow with the triangle trick. Make a triangle from your tear duct to the bottom of your nose, back up to the outer corner of your eye. Dab concealer in the entire area and blend. This makeup artist’s secret will have you looking like you’re lit within, not sleepy! And don’t forget to perfect your brows. A well-defined arch can draw your eye up and away from dark circles.

Red Dawn

Wake up your eyes with a fabulous fringe of flirty lashes. First curl, then volumize with a lash-boosting mascara. Have you tried the new tube technology? Tiny little tubes deposit on your lashes to add glorious volume and length. For a real optical illusion, pop the whites of your eyes with a blue-based mascara or liner in sophisticated navy. A soft beige liner on the inner rim or water line of your eyes will minimize redness. These subtle shifts in color bring red eyes into balance. Lubricating eye drops can also rescue dry, red eyes.

Volumizing Mascara Glow Perfect

Defy drowsy days with a dewy, radiant glow from the new crop of luminizing cosmetics. Strategically-placed highlights on the tops of your cheeks, your browbones, the inner corners of your eyes and along the bridge of your nose bring youthful refreshment and wide-awake appeal to any day. Opt for a sheer, lightweight formula in a powder or crème-to-powder finish with light-reflecting properties. Natural hues of soft pink or shimmery champagne are simply illuminating!

Just Move It

Go for a brisk walk and get your heart pumping. Do a little exercise. Whatever puts a little flush in your face. It doesn’t have to be long. Park a little further away from the entrance so you have to hoof it a little. Those extra steps in the fresh air will put a natural glow in your cheeks and give you a little rush of eye-opening adrenaline. Sometimes all it takes to look wide awake and refreshed is to feel vibrant and energized. So get moving and enjoy the extra hour of daylight!


  • Marsha

    Great suggestions…you can always use great makeup tips like these!

  • Pat

    As a former makeup consultant, another trick is to create a “veil of light” around the entire eye area. (including above the brows!)often done with a light/almost white illuminating powder (great for brides/photo sessions) just be sure it is not frosty or it will appear harsh in daylight and under the camera lense.

  • sally

    Can I buy the carmindizing highlighter duo separately?

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Sally,

      The highlighter duo is not available individually at this time.


      Soft Surroundings

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