Serious Skin Care, Simplified: 3 easy steps to your best skin ever

By on February 28, 2014, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Cosmetics, Soft Surroundings

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Watch Julie Macklowe, fashionable founder of luxury skin care line vbeauté, as she shares her super simple routine for youthful, refreshed skin in just three steps: 1) Serum. 2) Crème. 3) Eye Crème. Done. vbeauté’s clinically proven mix of Swiss Alpine Rose technology and patented BioCellular Peptides reverses the signs of aging for even the most sensitive skin. Fewer lines and wrinkles, boosted collagen, free-radical fighting antioxidants… vbeauté gives you victory over time. And it couldn’t be easier. Let Julie show you how…

  • Dorothy

    Have always shopped catalog. When I heard KOP was opening I thought great! So sorry I was unable to attend the opening. Enjoyed the video, Like the catalog it looks like a beautiful store.

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