Michelle K. | Newbury Park, CA

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michellek“Sophisticated, casual, sometimes retro touches.

How would you describe your style?

Sophisticated, casual, sometimes retro touches, feminine but not frou-frou, clean lines, good fabrics (more cotton and rayon than poly).

What item in your closet receives the most wear?

32″+ tunics (I have the Renaissance Top in blue and love it.)

Do you have a signature accessory?

Long scarves and some classic vintage hats when I can find them for fun. Long necklaces, earrings.

What colors or patterns do you gravitate toward?

Absolutely greens but not neons. Subtle colors, prints. Some tasteful batiks, subtle ethnic. Favor solids, autumn palette, navy, black and white, aubergine, wine – classy colors.

When have you felt your most beautiful?

In soft flowing long skirts and dresses.

Name one beauty product you can’t live without.

Moisturizer, mascara, lip gloss.

What one woman do you most admire and why?

I can name three: Mother Teresa for her compassion, Elizabeth Warren for her practical application of her idealism, Hillary Clinton for her leadership on women’s issues.

What’s your passion project or hobby?

Writing fiction, counseling students, working for progressive issues.

How do you relax?

Read, watch good films, spend time in natural settings, and in intimate gatherings with friends.

Quote to live by?

“Love God and neighbor”

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