The Skinny on Cellulite: how to make the dimples disappear

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titleWe’ll reveal the truth about the cellulite and what you can do to firm up your bottom line.

The Dimple Dilemma
Contrary to popular belief, cellulite afflicts most women, even thin ladies. Yes, even celebrities and supermodels are not immune to these less than attractive dimples. But the glitterati know the tips and tricks to better erase and camouflage it. And now you can, too. No airbrushing required!dimple

What is Cellulite?
Dimples on your cheeks are cute. But dimples on your arms, thighs and rear, not so much. The lumps and bumps of cellulite are fat deposits pushing against the skin’s gridlike connective tissue, causing it to appear dimpled. As we age, skin begins to thin and lose elasticity, making the cottage cheese appearance more visible.cellulite

Why Me?
There are many theories about the causes of cellulite. Genetics may play a role. Also poor circulation, slow metabolism and a sedentary lifestyle allow for fat, fluids and impurities to pool and store as fat. Greater concentrations of fat allow more opportunity for cellulite to form as fat cells swell and push through strained connective tissue. Hormonal changes starting with puberty and continuing throughout our lives can affect our bodies’ efficient elimination of waste. Poor diet and smoking can also affect circulation, metabolism and your body’s ability to fend off the dimples. So how do we reverse the trend?


Boost Your Circulation
Lean, toned muscles can do a world of good to smooth and even skin, improving the look of cellulite. Exercise that lengthens and strengthens your body, like yoga, can also provide an important confidence boost. Self-assured allure always distracts attention away from our less than perfect spots. If your day involves a lot of sitting, be sure to get up and move or stretch at least 5 minutes every hour. This will get your circulation and lymph system moving, keeping it from settling. This will also help prevent varicose veins.


 Eat Smart
Refined carbs, salt and fat convert so easily to body fat and cellulite because they provide so little actual nutrition. Your body’s only solution is to turn these empty calories into fat. Fiber-rich foods, cruciferous veggies, dark green leafies, antioxidant-rich fruits, wholesome dairy and omega-3 fish can help you slim down and detoxify by revving metabolism and whisking away trapped fluids and fats. Be sure to drink plenty of water (with a slice of lemon) to hydrate and plump your cells, plus speed detoxification and digestion.eatsmart

Treat Yourself
Diminish your dimples by massaging your trouble spots to get your blood pumping. It can be as simple as kneading the skin while you bathe or while you rub in a hydrating lotion. Products with caffeine can firm and tone the skin and treatments with Retinol can plump and thicken skin. Support stockings, not the hospital stalwarts, but newer varieties can prevent the fluid retention that results in cellulite. Or why not try a spa-riffic body wrap? Results won’t last forever, but for a big night out or a see-and-be-seen pool party, it will do the trick for the day.treatyourself

Healthy Skin
Slack, sallow, thin skin can make cellulite look worse. Well-hydrated skin cells look plump and youthful. Look for products with Hyaluronic Acid, which draws and seals in moisture. A little bit of sunless tanning also never hurt. There are many easy-to-use options that don’t involve harmful UV rays from the sun or tanning beds. You don’t have to go Caribbean Isles dark. Even a “no tan”, lightly tinted variety that just gives a warm, healthy glow can make lumps seemingly vanish. Look for luminizing products with light-reflecting properties for the most dewy, radiant skin.healthyskin

  • Dalia G

    Thank you for the information, will use it to my advantage.

  • Jean

    I need help with cellulite and wrinkles but I’m in my
    80’s is that too late?

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Jean,

      It’s never too late to treat cellulite and wrinkles. Everyone will respond differently to treatment based on the current condition of your skin and what treatment has already been done.

      Soft Surroundings

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