Embarrassing Beauty Questions you asked, we have answers!

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titleAll the tips & tricks to solve those beauty puzzlers you’ve been too sheepish to ask.

question1As you enter menopause, your hormones can go haywire sending oil production into overdrive. Rosacea, an autoimmune skin disorder, can also cause adult skin to flare up, break out and be generally sensitive. If you easily flush or have a perpetual red “mask” across your cheeks, you should consult a dermatologist for a diagnosis. While your skin recovers, try using a primer to neutralize the red. Blemishes are best covered up with a green-hued concealer.

question2After menopause, your body’s oil production wanes, which is great if you have oily skin and hair, but can leave those with dry hair feeling like they have strands of straw. To balance your body’s lack of moisture, try deeply hydrating shampoos and conditioners. A super-moisturizing hair mask can really work wonders. And don’t forget about water. Drinking your eight a day does hydrate every cell from the inside out. As for the pesky grays, the melanin cells that give our hair its color start to die off as we age, leaving our hair shades of silver, gray or white. A special color-enhancing shampoo is the perfect perk-me-up to cover regrowth on those in-between-salon days.

question3As we age, our hair growth naturally slows, but if your part is becoming wider and more pronounced, it’s probably time to see the doctor. There are some easily corrected medical conditions that can lead to thinning hair, like thyroid problems or an Iron deficiency. To boost sparse strands, try specially-formulated shampoos, conditioners and serums that stimulate hair growth. Zig-zagging your part creates more volume and fullness at the crown. For sparse brows, try one of the innovative brow-defining gels that impart tiny hair-like fibers on the browline for a beautifully natural look.

question4A dip in estrogen allows for an increase in testosterone, causing us to lose some hair on top and grow it in other, more unladylike places, like your upper lip and chin. Waxing or laser hair removal is a better solution than shaving, which can leave regrowth more coarse. Lasers aren’t a great solution for darker toned skins as they can lead to hyperpigmentation and make you look like you have a permanent mustache, even after all the hair is gone. Fuzz-busting creams can help eliminate the fine, downy hairs that waxes and lasers miss.

question5Your neck is one of the first spots to give away your true age because it’s naturally thinner than facial skin. This thin-skinned spot also sports less Collagen, an essential building block to thick, resilient, taut skin. The most important thing is to stop the sag before it progresses further. Extend your facial beauty products down your neck and décolleté. Look for products with Collagen-boosting peptides. And be sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen on your neck because this is a prime, exposed spot for the sun’s damaging rays.

question6Those tiny little fleshy growths are usually a result of excessive rubbing on the eyelids, underarms, neckline and other areas where irritation occurs. They are generally nothing to be worried about, but it’s always a good idea to have them checked out by a doctor to ensure that they are not cancerous. They can be removed by your doctor or sometimes, they scab and fall off on their own.

question7Those rashy-looking red bumps are keratosis pilaris and they are quite harmless. KP is a hereditary condition that’s caused by excess skin cells clogging the hair follicle. About half the world’s population battles the “chicken skin” dilemma. Luckily, KP usually diminishes with age and is often better during the warmer seasons, when sparer styles rule fashion. To control your KP bumps, try skin-smoothing products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids like Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid. Microdermabrasion can also help.

  • susan

    I really like everything I have purchased (oops, only one return in past 10 years due to me being one size on top and another size on bottom. Top purchased fit well on top and was tight across hips. This is a regular problem for me.) Also, more tunic length or low hip length tops would be great, and looser sleeves. Love you catalog–beautiful, wish I could buy one of everything!

  • Camellia

    Love your clothes. I get so many compliments on them. Wanting to know where I got them. I love your magazine I get offent. The only thing I am on a fix budget and I have to wait for sales and sometime I buy something at full price on my birthday or special occasion.

  • Margaret

    I have ordered from your Catalog and love what I’ve received. I live in Richmond, Va. and can’t wait until you open here.

  • Carolyn

    I would buy much more from you if you would upgrade the quality of your materials.
    Your concept is good,and you have created a marketing niche for yourself, but so far the execution indicates your reach is exceeding your grasp. Quality is uneven. You market can tell the difference, I hope you have refular meetings to look at what did not sell, and your venture into the statement necklace area is a prime example. So is the Black Label history.
    It is just as easy to make a well-executed garment out of good fabric. As to the jewelry, a look at a Nieman Marcus small catalog will show you where to go.
    I wish you success and hope to be a more frequent customer.

  • Pat

    I absolutely love your clothes. The only thing stopping me from ordering more often is the ultra low necklines on nearly ALL your clothes! A lot of women don’t like to show this much skin as they age and feel this part of their body is no more attractive than the ” jiggly” arm syndrome. And who wants to wear another layer of clothes underneath during the hot, hot summer? Please address this issue for the over 50 crowd. Thanks!

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