The Ultimate Beauty Secret is Highlighting by Carmindy

By on July 22, 2014, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Soft Surroundings

titleWhat is highlighting? What will it do for the skin? Can any woman at any age use highlighter? These are all important beauty questions that I get from a lot of ladies searching for ways to enhance their look. Accentuating a woman?s unique features is what my makeup philosophy has always been about and using a highlighter is the key to achieving that goal. Carmindy Radiant Glimmer Collection

After spending years as a makeup artists for countless celebs, models and also working with all kinds of women of all ages and backgrounds on my 10 year stint as resident makeup artist and beauty expert on TLC?s What Not To Wear, I created my signature look by using highlighter to play up a woman?s face. I call it Carmindizing because I personally believe makeup should be used to showcase your face not used to hide perceived flaws or change who you are.

In the past, makeup artists taught techniques on how to use heavy brown contour powder and creams to shade and change your face and features. This is a dated concept that only made women feel insecure about themselves and lower their self-esteem. When you use makeup in a positive way to highlight your natural face instead of contour and change it, you feel full of self-confidence and know that you are truly illuminated.

The best way to Carmindize and highlight your face is by applying a pearlescent shimmer in 3 key places. Apply it under the brows on the brow bone area (to light up your eyes), on the inside corners of the eyes near the outside of the tearCarmindu 5 Minute Face Kit duct (to make them sparkle) and on along the tops of the cheekbones (for skin that is radiant). Any woman of any age can use highlighter when it is refined and not glittery, so whether you are 18 or 80 feel free to Carmindize away! It is only when formulas are too glittery that it starts to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, accentuating them and making them look deeper. When a highlighter formula is refined, jet-milled and very pearlescent, it gives any type of skin, with any type of texture, a beautiful luminous look.

By just focusing on these 3 key places you will add radiance to the skin giving a light lifted effect and restoring the look of youth and vitality. My Carmindizing Highlighter Duo in Ethereal is a universal champagne hue that works on all skintones from fair to dark toned and has a split pan of cream and powder. Use the cream side for a more sheer daytime look and the powder side for a more intense evening look. Carmindy In Bloom Crayon Lip Set

Once you get into the habit of applying your Carmindizing Highlighter in these 3 key places then you can start experimenting on other areas of the face and body. Try tracing the outside perimeter of your lips before you put on lipstick to make your smile really stand out. When wearing a skin baring summer dress try blending on my Carmindizing Highlighter to the décolleté and down arms and legs to really get your glow on. So know you know what the true beauty secret is?..Carmindize and recognize your true beauty potential!