The lively art of party décor

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entertaining_titleOf course you want your next party to be unforgettable. You want the ambiance to be just right. And you want to dress up the décor a bit without a lot of bother. Easy. Whether it’s a big elegant dinner party or a casual little brunch, here are a few entertaining essentials to help you pull it off without a lot of fuss.

Shiny and Sparkling
Bright, shiny object ALWAYS attract attention. So create a focal point like a tablescape that features etched and cut crystal vases and hurricanes, silvery mercury glass candlesticks and bottles with gold or platinum accents. Add one subtle color like a creamy yellow to this artful mise-en-scéne and the look is understated elegance with minimal effort.

candlestick vase1

Be sure to include things of varying heights and shapes. Nothing has to look perfect—better still if it doesn’t—it will encourage your guests to look, touch and enjoy it all.

Our latest favorites along these lines are our Platinum Artichokes. They make a visually interesting addition to a console display, or as a centerpiece. Put them in a classic ceramic bowl like our Hestia and enjoy these ancient symbols of prosperity.

artichokes bowl

The best parties have an air of exclusivity—everyone is a special guest—while being friendly, fun and welcoming. Your choice of decorations can help achieve this balance.

If you want to pinpoint one easy way to elevate the specialness, it’s with a dessert table. Even if there’s a good, old-fashioned apple pie and some chocolate chunk brownies on it, the act of giving sweets their own separate space raises the glamour quotient of the party.


Our faithful reproductions of antique Macaroon Stands are the kind of eye candy the French like to incorporate into a dessert spread. (But you surely don’t need a party as an excuse to use them!) They are as pretty as the cakes and cookies they might hold. Plus, like many of the entertaining essentials mentioned in this post, they’re exclusively from Soft Surroundings.

Fresh and Vibrant
It seems a must that French get-togethers have a sense of life to them. One way they do that is by weaving notes of color and nature into their party décor.

tablecloth napkin

Our bright Hydrangea Tablecloth and Napkins will bring that air to your next casual brunch or lunch al fresco. The colors cue the sea and sun of the South of France, and when they’re positioned next to crisp white plates or with a ceramic centerpiece filled with lemons, the vibe is all about a zest for life.

Classic and Colorful
One more entertaining essential is an assortment of vessels to hold bouquets, chill champagne, or dish up delicious food. Again, the French have a way with this kind of thing and their mantra is “imperfect perfection”.


So don’t make everything match. Play with size, color and style. And let the spirit take you. Our Cinzano Vase is the embodiment of this attitude. It has classic Italian lines, scroll handles, and the imperfection of a crackle glaze that lets the terra cotta show through. What a casually elegant way to ice the rosé.

Romantic and Practical
No party is complete without candles. The glimmering light and aura they cast on an evening celebration is a romantic necessity. And it always seems like guests feel more comfortable, and even more conversational by candlelight.

So gather a few candlesticks and tapers of different lengths, arrange some tea candles, or create a medley of pillars. It’s an effortless way to make your event of any size intimate.


Flameless pillars are one of the latest innovations for parties. They impart the glow of romance without any of the drippy mess. And ours have a handy remote to let you turn them on and off from afar.

Last but not least, a party should be fun—especially for the hostess! So choose decorations and tools that are simple, beautiful and make your life easier. With that single tip in mind, you’ll see yourself reinventing the pieces you love for a variety of occasions and for years to come.



  • Lieve

    Love-Love this site thank you , party ideas and de or is always welcome.
    The links are great.

  • Sandra

    This post is so inspirational! So many ideas generated, thank you.

  • Sandra

    Your suggestions are straight forward and practical. I’m always inspired when I visit you.

  • Marsha

    These suggestions are exquisite! So much color!

  • rebecca

    I love your stores in Houston, but we really need you on the southeastern part of town. Baybrook Mall in Clear Lake could definitely support your store,and oh by the way, I would love to work for you!Recently Coldwater Creek moved out, so its the perfect space,all ready to go. sincerely,Rebecca James

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      Dear Rebecca,

      Thank you for the store site recommendation. We love your enthusiasm!

      Soft Surroundings

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    Just wanted you folks at S.S. to know this: I packed for a sorority reunion out of town this past weekend. When I arrived at my motel and unpacked, I noticed the labels of the four outfits I brought. Three of the four were Soft Surroundings. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but I have a closet bulging with outstanding clothes. When I picked my favorites of all of them — the ones that I get compliments when I’m wearing and the ones I feel beautiful wearing — I think 3 out of 4 is quite a compliment to YOU! Thanks for finding those special, one-of-a-kind items, and do keep it up!

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      Dear Kathy,

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