How to Wear It – The Vest

By on August 21, 2014, in Fashion Trends, Soft Surroundings

With the allure of fall colors just around the corner, a vest offers endless layering options for now and later. Vests are wonderful pieces to add to a wardrobe because of the variety of looks they provide, whether relaxed or polished.

Trellised Terrace Vest Rio Rancho Boots

Sweater vests can offer a light layer of additional warmth during crisp fall days, without the bulk of a jacket or sweater. Looking chic over knit tops, blouses, and dresses is what makes the vest a go-to piece this fall. Try adding a belt to your vest, around the waist or hips, for a fashion-forward look and an extra pop of personality.

Goldrush Necklace Arden Belt

Statement necklaces make a great addition to a vest ensemble by creating additional visual interest. Boots, a favorite fall item, also pair beautifully with vests and denim.Create a fabulous look with a vest, knit top or blouse, a statement necklace, denim, and a pair of the season’s most stunning boots.

  • vickie

    I JUST received the Fall catalogue. On page 22 of this catalog, there is a model wearing a very cute pair of sandals shown in black and tan. The page advises the the shoes are available either online or by phone. I went online to try to order the shoes AS SHOWN IN THE NEW CATALOG THAT JUST ARRIVED, but they were not offered in these colors. I called the 1-800 number and was told by a very unhelpful representative that the shoes are not available. I asked how that could be since the CATALOG JUST ARRIVED!!! She said “I have no idea…they just aren’t.” WOW, really??? Then why in the world are they shown in the catalog THAT JUST ARRIVED??? Really not very good, Soft Surroundings!!!

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Vickie,
      First, let us apologize for the less than courteous response by our customer service representative. This interaction will be promptly addressed. As far as the product availability–at times we miss the mark on predicting the popularity of an item and our supply is unable to fulfill the demand. Unfortunately, this particular shoe sold out considerably fast. We are so sorry to have disappointed you in so many ways, but hope that you will give us a second chance to turn your negative impression into a positive one. You should hear from someone shortly regarding this less than excellent experience.

      Soft Surroundings

  • Marsha

    Absolutely love this necklace, and I agree that it would be the perfect compliment to a vest ensemble. Great choice!

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