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By on September 2, 2014, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Soft Surroundings

WATCH to discover tricks to a chic, modern mani with nail-strengthening Dermelect!

Infused with nail strengthening peptides, Dermelect nail treatments are like a protein shake for your mani. Try their beautiful palette of polishes or spice up your manicure with these on-trend terrific top coats for a little sparkle or modern matte look. SEE how easy it is…

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  • Carol

    Well, that is a pretty video but it did not tell me how the polish will help my
    Nails. What makes this polish different from others? I would like more information please.

  • Nancy

    I was interested in learning more about this polish…unfortunately the video didn’t provide any information that would make me want to purchase it.

    • Soft Surroundings

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on the Dermelect Nail Video. The Dermelect nail colors and treatments are infused with ProSina, a pure protein peptide extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool. The lacquers deliver a fast drying, high gloss shine while providing an unequaled level of strength for stubborn nails to grow longer and more resistant to chipping, peeling and splitting. The first coat instantly bonds to the nail, while the second fuses with the base coat to create a flexible web of color that resists chipping and improves brittleness (patent-pending technology). Spotlight adds a bit of sparkle as a top coat or is stunning on its own. Matte-iculous gives any polish a matte finish. We hope this helps in your understanding of Dermelect nail colors and treatments. Please don’t hesitate to call our Customer Service Team if you have any additional questions.

      Soft Surroundings

  • Suzanne

    No real info given on video. Just pictures of how the product looks on he nail…..I want to see and hear how this helps!!

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