The Mane Event: 7 Tips for Knockout Hair Growth

By on September 2, 2014, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Soft Surroundings

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  • Lisa

    Starla the beauty manager is great in San Antonio, Texas at the La Cantera mall. She knows all about face primers making the skin appear young and dewy and told me how to rub my hands together to pat the Marulla oil on my face instead of using my fingertip and smudging it in. I learned that I need to use artistic strokes for my eyebrows application and loved the eyeshadow by Vincent Longo that she put on me. Loved it, bought it and wear it every day because it is actually not itchy. It never makes my eyes red like some eyeshadows. It’s very good high end makeup. The oil is so soft on my skin and not heavy or thick. MOST importantly she appears soft and dewy herself. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt by her voice. The perfect me time was spent engaging with her.

  • Bernice

    enjoyed the advice for growing hair. I am going to try the cyennepepper and olive oil. thanks, BB

  • Jane

    I have very fine hair. It is starting to thin. HELP

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