Q&A with Dr. Reid – Creator of Venin Royale

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Q: As a successful neuroscientist, how did you get your start in creating skin care products?
I am passionate about studying the active components of snake venoms (cobra and rattlesnake) and understanding how these venoms can safely and effectively help people live better and more fulfilling lives.
While researching the properties of cobra venom for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, infectious diseases and rheumatoid arthritis, my notion that a formula with King Cobra Venom could offer significant benefits to the skin, that are not only soothing and calming, but also helpful for enhancing entire skincare regimens evolved. It was already known that orthosilicic acid was an important anti-wrinkle and skin maintenance agent while venom from the King Cobra contained charged cell penetrating neuropeptides. The idea was to combine these two agents and use King cobra venom to enhance the delivery of orthosilicic acid. Consequently, I began formulating our flagship product – Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum – which is the first and only serum to use the naturally occurring peptides and neuropeptides from King Cobra Venom.

Q: Your Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum contains pure King Cobra Venom, Red Marine Algae, and Vitamins A, B6, D3, and E – Can you tell us about how you discovered this powerful combination of ingredients?
When developing Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum, my objective was to create the most advanced solution to target the major visible signs of aging – tone, texture, firmness, hydration and fine lines and wrinkles. The ingredients that I chose to incorporate into Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum were selected specifically for their ability to successfully address these concerns.

Q: What types of benefits and results can customers expect by using your Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum?
Our serum offers a multi-tiered solution for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving firmness and elasticity, soothing visibly irritated skin, evening skin tone and hydrating dry skin – resulting in a brighter complexion, more youthful glow and softer and better feeling skin.

Q: What one skin care tip do you feel is most important for women to remember?
The best skincare tip I can offer is to avoid exposure to the sun and other environmental toxins. This exposure can lead to free radical production, which is considered a leading cause of visibly aged skin. The scientific blend of ingredients in Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum serve as free radical scavengers that help combat the visible signs of aging while renewing skin to a more youthful appearance.

Q: Can women with sensitive skin use your products effectively?
Yes, absolutely. This serum is non-irritating, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, gluten-free and is formulated without sulfates and parabens. It is appropriate for all skin types and ethnicities.


Q: Why should women choose to purchase your skincare products over the competitor’s products?
King Cobra Venom is a game changing cosmetic ingredient and is exclusively available in Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum. Women do not necessarily need to replace their current skincare products with our serum. Instead, they should use Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum as a base layer to help enhance their entire skincare program. Alternatively, for women that are looking for a single product solution, Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum is the ideal option.

Q: We have had a lot of positive comments from customers on your Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum – Can you tell us about any customer success stories you have heard?
We have been pleased to receive a great deal of positive feedback from our customers. Most notably women comment on the youthful glow of their skin and their improved tone, texture and softness resulting from their continued use of the serum.

For more information and to purchase Venin Royale Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum, click here.

  • ziggy

    Hi I would love to try this serum since I have a lot of wrinkles inherited from my mother. Do you do free samples by any chance. Many thanks I await your reply with interest. ziggy.

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Ziggy,
      Thank you so much for your interest! While we do not offer free samples for this product we can tell you that it is one of our top rated products. Many of our reviewers have found this product to the perfect solution for their ‘wisdom’ lines. If you visit the product detail page here: https://www.softsurroundings.com/P/Concentrated_Neuropeptide_Renewal_Serum/ you can find a list of reviews near the bottom of the page. We hope you will find this information helpful in your shopping decision!
      Soft Surroundings

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