Style Forecast: Favorite Fall Trends

By on October 9, 2014, in Soft Surroundings
Global References: As the fashion world, literally, becomes closer knit, global influences in fashion become stronger every season. From the gorgeous florals and fabric1geometric patterns of Japanese kimonos, to dazzling beadwork and embroidery from Morocco, accents of global style will give your fall wardrobe an intriguing, worldly feel.

Plaid: We’re more mad for plaid than ever! While plaid has always been a go-to for fall, this season it has opened up into palida delightful array of new and sophisticated designs with colors ranging from the classic tartan palette to vivid jewel tones.

Oversized: Cozy, oversized knits are being celebrated this season — and why not? Infinitely comfortable simpleand flattering — and very chic when layered with the right pieces — the oversized look is incredibly versatile and feels wonderfully delicious in cashmere and soft cotton.

Antique Rug & Blanket Patterns: With folkloric and global trends strong this season, it’s only natural that inspiration in the form of antique textiles would emerge. paisleyThis trend takes cues from the intricate designs of Native American and Persian textiles and Victorian paisleys, creating striking pattern-work, as well as incredible depth of texture.

Fringe: No longer relegated to mere trim on handbags, fringe has come into thefinge3 spotlight this season. A playful and flirty accent that adds free-flowing movement to whatever it adorns, it looks fantastic on accessories and boots or full out in a Gatsby-inspired skirt or dress.

folk2Folkloric: Fall’s trend towards wandering florals, relaxed silhouettes and eclectic accents also finds its footing in folkloric patterns.The folkloric look adds an artistic,whimsical feel to the season, giving simple tops a uniquely feminine feel or becoming the centerpiece of an outfit in intricate embroidery.

Shades of Grey: Grey is anything but ho-hum this season. In tones ranging from luminous silver to mysterious charcoal, grey can be found everywhere, serving as greythe foundation on which to play textures and tones and pops of color. There’s never been a better time to ‘go grey’!

Renaissance & Baroque: This classic trend continues to be strong — and for good reason, as it epitomizes the romantic feel of the fall and winter months. Swirling designs, ornate goldjacketflourishes and gold edging along lush fabrics like velvets and brocades create a sense of delicious drama.

Fur: We’ve made fur decidedly — and fabulously — faux. The ultimate luxury fabric, nothing staves off the cold like this deliciously soft experience. This season you’ll see it trimmed on coats and sweaters, fashioned into scarves and throws, and lining boots andfur gloves — as well as offered in a wild array of colors.


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