Layered to Perfection: Bedding for the Chilly Nights Ahead

By on October 27, 2014, in Bedding, Holiday, Soft Surroundings

The key to a cozy winter bed is layering. That’s what makes a bed inviting and comfortable as the nights grow longer and the temperature dips.

Layering is a process and it involves some of the things you’d expect, like bed skirts, fitted and flat sheets, quilting, throws and shams. But it also includes some techniques and ideas that might be new to you—and spark inspiration.

First, it’s best to start with a traditional foundation on your bed. Our Toile de Jouy quilted bedding is a classic French example. Toile is a pastoral-printed textile, originating in France in the mid-18th century but it’s still used to elegantly cue that provincial country look today. We translated the chinoiserie motif into a soothing shade of grey, setting just the right stage for your bedding sanctuary.

Toile de Jouy quilting will look crisp and tempting on your bed all year long because it truly is a seasonless design. Could that be the reason the French have loved it for centuries? Absolutement!

Next, layer on some textural variation. Mix and match the cotton toile quilting with other fabrics like velvet and silk.

Our Alexa Velvet Shams are a perfect choice, not just because they’re the most sophisticated and luxurious cotton velvet we’ve every touched, but because of the richness of the color and the quality of the details. The shams have linen covered buttons on the back.

Add the lustrous look and polished feeling of silk next, and you’ve begun to layer your bed with depth and dimension.

Our opulent Pont d’Arc quilt and shams will bring a subtle sheen and the fancy finish of a French double-lattice motif into play. This rich silk compliments and counterbalances the toile and velvet so well, your bed feels as magnificent as it looks.

Next, throw! Toss! Have fun! Some of our favorite ways to do just that are adding fur pillows, and nubby knit throws. They are delicious to curl up in on that first ultra-chilly night—and every crisp morning after that!

Now, don’t forget that all of the things around your bed are part of the stage—and part of the layering process too.

Would a romantic headboard with hand-carved grooves, leaves and flowers bring it all together? Of course! So be sure to check out our Cote de Beaune Panel. Its workmanship is unequaled and it coordinates effortlessly with the romance of the Toile de Jouy ensemble.

Don’t forget to include rustic wicker baskets next to your bed to hold throws, pillows and essential odds and ends. They will be functional and add textural dimension for the eye to enjoy.

Lastly, velvet or linen drapes, reflective mirrors and ornate bedside lamps with linen lampshades all add to the layered milieu and make a winter bed and bedroom so hard to step away from!

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    I am a plus size and it sucks! I console myself by thinking that I will not have as many wrinkles in my face as a skinny person. BUT I just received my Grayson Pull On Jeans in grey, size 1X, and I LOVE THEM! Well worth the price. Now I can prance around and feel good wearing them.

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      Dear Edith,
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