Your Design Questions—Answered!

By on October 27, 2014, in Bedding, Soft Surroundings

From Cindy:
I want to create the table my guest will never forget this upcoming holiday season. Any tips?

From Soft Surroundings:
Yes! Yes! And yes! Think along the same lines as layering your bed—you want to intrigue the eye with various textures, materials and also heights. Start with a simple linen tablecloth; add napkins to contribute pattern or color, and then add etched glass hurricanes and groupings of candlesticks, crystal, and silver. Don’t forget to splash in a few antiqued brass, whitewashed or iron touches like our pretty partying Francesca Bust. The play of textures and layers of height and depth are surprisingly easy to create and they leave a lasting impression on guests. Hope this has helped, Cindy, and enjoy your holidays!

From Janice:
My rooms have high, vaulted ceilings. Are there any techniques to keeping a room with this much height cozy and intimate?

From Soft Surroundings:
It’s not that difficult to make a large room feel intimate, (or a small room feel spacious—but that’s another question!). Much of it has to do with tone and texture. And layering, of course. Big rooms with high vaulted ceilings become intimate when dressed in a warm neutral color palette and comfortable textures. Think about furnishing the room with subtle cream or French grey linen covered couches, furry or fuzzy throws and ruffled or fringed pillows. Choose lamps with linen shades, plenty of plants and wall décor like vintage oil or watercolor paintings, or French blue plates and platters. And don’t be afraid to decorate the walls all the way to the ceilings—you’ll show off your architecture and keep it looking like a real home all at the same time. Thanks for the question Janice!

From Denise:
I’m so tired of the trite and traditional red-and-green holiday decorations. What can I do to change things up a bit?

From Soft Surroundings:
Think Hans Christian Anderson: snowy landscapes, nature, the twinkle of starlight, the authentic magic of the season. And we have plenty of ideas to achieve that! Look through our website or latest catalog for silver, antiqued brass, ivory or gilt items like our Antique Mercury Glass Boxes or our Bella Box Collection. Place them on the mantel, in the powder room, in and amongst crystal candlesticks, preserved boxwood spheres or wreaths. Drape a velvet swag in a rich French grey, deep blue or woodsy taupe. Your décor will thrill, and it will look perfect from Thanksgiving through the New Year. Enjoy your holidays too, Denise!