Style Ideas for the Holiday Table: Sparkle and Shine, Light and Layers

By on November 5, 2014, in Soft Surroundings

Creating the kind of holiday table that is both beautiful and comfortable enough for your guests to linger, raise a glass and indulge in a second helping is easier than you think. Follow a few rules of thumb, add your own creativity and don’t forget to have a little fun!

Keep in mind that layers and variety is key. By that we mean, include pieces in a range of heights, textures, patterns and variegated shapes in your tablescape. Mix it up. White glazed plates and serving dishes look even finer next to silver or gold. Circles and cylindrical shapes work well with the naturally irregular shapes in nature. Something delicate next to something solid and substantial creates a pleasing yin-yang relationship.


Let Nature Inspire You

As the holidays begin, the theme is all about abundance. The harvest is in, and your table décor can draw from the bounty of nature.

Our silver and gold Mediterranean artichokes are a rich and attractive example. In Europe, the artichoke is the symbol of good health and abundance. What better way to represent Thanksgiving? Arrange them plentifully in a rustic wooden basket. Or mound them high in a hammered gold or silver bowl and use it as a simple and special centerpiece.

Best of all, you don’t have to pack them away later. These artichokes look wonderful scattered near a fireplace, in and around baskets of firewood and kindling all winter long. They also add eye-appeal to bowls of real artichokes on the kitchen counter.

Another understatedly opulent way to nod to nature and enhance your holiday tables is with our hand-gilt Feasting Pheasant. It instantly becomes an attention-getter wherever you place it.

Consider using two pheasants, and bookend a serving buffet or console with the pair. Then arrange a glorious spread of food, beverages or desserts in between. After all, pheasants are the symbol of good fellowship and nearly as much a favorite to the French as the beloved rooster.


Sparkle and Shine

Our Feasting Pheasant is a perfect way to also bring height to your table décor. Including pieces that are low, medium and tall heights is an important ingredient to add depth, perspective and dimension. Another way to do this is to include tall tapers or a delicate, glowing candelabra like our Tre.

trecandelabraThe Tre Candelabra is named for its three slender spires. We love its Queen Anne claw feet and gold detailing. It is sophisticated but simple, and a beautiful compliment to other items around it that lend sparkle and shine.

No table would be complete these days without flameless candles, and our metallic ones are perfection. In gold or silver, they come in four sizes to give height and depth—not to mention romance!

The combination of the real flickering flames of the Tre Candelabra and the glint of our flameless metallic candles will bring an easy ambiance and a cozy glow that will last as long as the sterling conversation.


The Essentials

Some designers create a look for a table by first selecting a color scheme. Others start with the essentials—serving platters and utensils. These pieces are the foundation of table décor and a great place to focus your energy.


Hand crafted for us in Italy, our Marcella Platters are exceptional, each one a unique masterpiece. On your table or buffet, they conjure feelings of holidays in Provence or Tuscany with old-world grace and style. We love serving with the full medley of shapes and sizes—rectangular, oblong and circular—because they’re so useful, of course, but also because they add hints of classic architecture to the setting.


And then there’s our very favorite addition to our holiday collection and to your holiday parties: our bone-handled serving utensils. From corkscrews to cake servers, these handmade bone and ebony pieces are vintage inspired, with brushed steel and turned ends.

Pair the cake knife with cake server and cheese knife and they’ll dress up your dessert table. Or wrap up the bone corkscrew with the handsome bottle opener and nutcracker as a stunning gift. But absolutely don’t forget to treat yourself to the bone candlesnuffer. It’s such a perfect companion on the table with the Tre Candelabra.

It’s true having beautiful things on your holiday table is paramount. But what about the table itself? Isn’t it just as vital? Certainly!


That’s why we love our Olivia Dining Table with its hand-carved apron and pedestal base. It’s so exquisite you’ll never want to hide it under a tablecloth. And its whitewashed, hand-finished patina is a splendid canvas for layering the affects of flickering candles, glittering metallics, white-glazed serving dishes, and bone-handled utensils. Surround the Olivia Table with our shabby chic linen upholstered Citeaux Abbey Side Chairs and the party decorating is delightfully done.


  • Donna

    U emphasize a variety of heights in table centerpieces. Why? When tall pieces obstruct view and conversations. It has never been practical in my book!

  • Katherine

    Hello! For high the holiday table I love to paint a Christmas scene with reds, golden pinecones, and some spruce greenery from my tree. I don’t care for your grey based decore because I don’t want my guests clothing to match the scene. Thanks,Katherine.

  • Cynthia

    Oh I love the soft palette, you can brighten it up with all the beautiful Fall colors for Thanksgiving, the rich golds and reds and oranges of leaves down the center of the table and flower arrangements… and Christmas, twinkling lights, nutcrackers of all sizes and shapes on the table, red and gold napkins, and your lovely crystal pieces that catch the lights. There are so many possibilities with the softer palette….

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