5 Easy Steps to Create a Pampered Guest Retreat

By on November 10, 2014, in Soft Surroundings


Creating a relaxing and inviting guest room, like the ones in the best hotels, is as simple as counting to five. It all starts with the bed and bedding. Once you get that right, scattering necessities and nice-ities here and there—all over the house— will pull it all together into a perfect retreat. Follow these easy steps to houseguest success.


Step 1: The Bed

There’s no reason why the bed and bedding in the guest room should be an afterthought. It’s a room on a mission: welcoming comfort, rest and relaxation. And the best way to accomplish that mission is with layered bedding and plenty of pillows.

Our Soft Surroundings Toile de Jouy quilted bedding is a traditional but luxurious foundation for your visitor’s bed. It features a tranquil print of the French provincial countryside in a peaceful shade of grey. Layer it with velvet, linen, and silk shams like our Alexa and Pont d’Arc collections and your room is well on its way. Don’t forget to throw in a throw blanket so your friends can curl up in comfort and nap away. Take a look at our Snow Lynx and Paris Faux Fur Throws. Every bed and sofa could use one!


Step 2: Accoutrements in the Bedroom

It’s the little things that make the difference. When you fill some baskets like our Normandy Nesting Baskets with the odds and ends your guests will need or may have forgotten to bring, you make traveling no-fuss. And who doesn’t appreciate that?

Include magazines, toothpaste, hand or body lotion, even a tasting of our Tequila, Bourbon or Wine Brittle or our adorably festive Acorn Box with Almonds placed next to the bed.

Don’t forget to think about lighting too. Our flameless candles—with remote control—are safe, soothing and romantic, if that’s what you’re going for!


Step 3: Guest Bath

Almost as important as bedding are the towels you lay out for your guests. The softest, freshest, fluffed-up stack is always appreciated. Consider our plush Adana Towels. They have a vintage look and 5-star feel—a luxurious way to wrap your guests in comfort.

The bath is the first place to put fresh, fragrant flowers. The beauty of the vase is sometimes overlooked, however. We love the grace and ease of our Filigree Four Vase Tote. With recycled bottles, removable from the pressed tin container, it is gorgeous decked out in single stems of orchid or freesia.

Another great addition is to place a long-lasting reed diffuser in the bath or bedroom. It’s fun to switch out the scents depending on the tastes of your holiday guests.


Step 4: Cozy Little Nooks

Visitors are drawn to conversation in cozy nooks and comfortable sofas. After all, visiting with you is what they’re there for. Make sure there are plenty of spots to spur everything from chitchat to heart-to-hearts. You’d be surprised what might come to light in the arms of our Byron Sofa and Lounge Chair.

On the other hand, a wingback chair—like our irresistible Fontaine—pulled up to the fire with a throw blanket and a book will inevitable be the most coveted spot in the house for those solo types.

And it’s never a bad idea to make sure the pets of your guests are pampered too! Our Grain Sac Pet Cushion is a super-considerate way to make the furry friends feel at home.


Step 5: Extras and Must-Haves

When the house is filled with guests for the holidays, a hostess is always in need of the little extras that make entertaining easier.

For example, our popular Riviera Nesting Tables are indispensible when the e-reader and coffee come out. And our elegant Martini Tables with burnished bronze finish are perfect for the holidays—and handy all year round. They are so quintessentially French.

Last but never least, accommodate your guests to simple gestures that comfort them as much as the bedding, throws, slippers and flowers. One way is with unique and memorable moments, like tea for two with our Expressions Tea Cups. Each one comes with a pewter spoon inscribed with a message. Choose “Always in hot water” or “Dressed to the tea” depending on who you’re serving. They’re charming and sweet to give as parting gifts too.

Treat your visitors to the retreat they deserve, and make their visit even easier on you this holiday season. Follow our easy steps and then tell us a few of your own. We love hearing from you.