Present Perfect Secrets to Great Gift Giving

By on November 12, 2014, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Soft Surroundings

Secrets to Great gift giving


giftgiverThe Gifted Giver
We’ve often heard the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts”. Well, it truly is. It’s the personal care you’ve taken to choose a gift for just that person, with the anticipation of knowing they’re going to just love it. But how do we find that perfect present? The most thoughtful gifts are the ones where you really consider the other person’s wishes.


Stop, Look & Listen
Really listen to what your friends and loved ones are saying, watching and wearing. You’ll get great gift tips. When you hear their “I wish” and “I want” comments, make a note, a physical note, so come gift giving season, you’ll have the perfect present in mind. And smartphones make it so easy to keep a handy running list that’s always ready for fresh, thoughtful ideas.

Social media cues

Social Media Cues
In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to find out what your family and friends “like”. Check your loved ones’ social media profiles to see what photos and posts they’ve written, liked and shared. Scan Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to see what restaurants they have enjoyed or stores they love to frequent. It’s like taking a public peek inside their diary to find out a few of their favorite things, including your perfect gift.

Let's get personal

Let’s Get Personal Sometimes adding a personal touch to your present makes the gift all the more special. Why not consider a personalized item with a monogram? If chilly days leave your bestie feeling extra cold, maybe a perfect cuddle-up blanket with a beautiful monogram would be a wonderful treat. Or how about a set of monogrammed towels for your newlywed niece? There are so many gorgeous, embroidered monogram options from bedding and pillows to makeup bags and shirt cuffs. Even monogram jewelry or cufflinks can be a striking present. Or how about a sweet initialed mug filled with gourmet hot cocoa or coffee?

Me Time

Me Time
OK, so this is a bit harder to package, but you can give your spouse or friend the tools to make “me time” happen, even if it’s just little moments they can steal away. Maybe a soothing spa package of luxe bath items, complete with candles and a bottle of wine. Or that bestselling book that she’s been dying to read.

Time Dates

Time & Dates
Speaking of time, time together is actually the greatest give you can give. Instead of exchanging gifts with all of your girlfriends, make a plan to go out to a nice dinner together. To keep it stress-free, make your plans for after the holidays. Plan a lunch date with your sister, your treat. You can even make up a little gift certificate to give her on the holiday. Or how about a romantic weekend away with your honey? It could be your gift to each other.

Gift Cards
We often shy away from gift cards or money for presents because we fear they’re too impersonal. But actually, gift cards are the ideal way to get your loved one the exact gift he or she wants. In fact, many people prefer to receive gift cards so they can spend it as they choose. And gift cards are so super easy to get and can even be beautiful to give. Some stores offer lovely gift boxes for their gift cards so you still have the joy of watching your friend excitedly unwrap an actual gift.

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