Luxurious Throws and Blankets: Wonderful Ways to Enjoy the Warmth of the Season

By on December 1, 2014, in Soft Surroundings


There is almost nothing more pleasing than fending off winter’s chill with a good long nap under cozy layers of bedding and blankets. True, we almost never have time for such indulgences, but we must. To rest and recharge is winter’s great message to us. So while nature slumbers in the Northern Hemisphere, you should squeeze in one or two, too. Thankfully, Soft Surroundings has some sumptuous ways to schedule in your well-deserved cap nap. Take a look…

For Keeps—Luxe Throws

We make it a point to offer a variety of opulent throw blankets in our catalog and on our website as soon as the leaves fall. We know it won’t be long before everyone has the urge to curl up under them and pretend to hibernate!


All of our throws are woven with luxurious warmth mind. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they are all great beauties too! An abundance of petal-soft rosettes cover our feminine Giverny Throw. The look is graceful and posh. The touch is simply bliss. And on the reverse you’ll find a field of snuggly micro mink. The Giverny is a throw with classic French styling—an easy add-on to bed, armchair or couch. And it’s easy to coordinate, in blue, ivory and champagne.

St. Moritz Throw

Next, we took our inspiration for the St. Moritz Throw from the traditional Austrian ruching you might see in the velvety drapes and blinds at the fortress in Salzburg. After all, a castle must know how to keep the cold at bay. These channels of faux fur ripple and wave over the top, and the back is covered in a cozy, complimentary micro mink. In taupe or ivory, we love the way the St. Moritz adds an impeccable finish to a room, be it bedroom or living room.

Powder Plush Napping Set

Another option is to settle in for that long winter’s nap with our aptly named Powder Plush Napping Set. You couldn’t ask for more: an ensemble with pillow, throw and eye mask, all created from an incredibly soft fabric. In fact, all of our items that touch your skin are given our softness rating. The Napping Set earns a “3”—ultimate softness. It is also the perfect piece to monogram and give as a gift—one for you, one for me!

So throw a log on the fire and wrap yourself in the best throws you’ll find this season: our frilly French Giverny, the richly appointed St. Moritz or the Powder Plush Napping Set. Then visit our website to discover even more styles, colors and textures because a home always has room for one more throw.

  • Judy

    I was double charged for the items I ordered!!! And was told that it would ‘fall off’ in 24 to 48 hours?? This is totally an unacceptable practice.

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Judy,
      Your contact information has been forwarded to our customer service team for review. Someone should be in contact with you shortly.

      Soft Surroundings

  • Linda

    First of all, let me say that I love your clothing lines and the quality of your products. However, I’m finding that more and more of your pants, leggings, and jeans are becoming less tall girl friendly. My inseam is 35-36 inches, and this year I’ve found that your company is calling 30″ inseams tall! To me, that’s petite! I’ve been a teacher for many years, and many of my female students are very tall too. Perhaps you can return to making pants in the true tall sizes we tall girls need! Thanks for listening.

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Linda,
      Thank you for your feedback concerning sizing. We really appreciate hearing from you and take all suggestions seriously. Your input has been forwarded to our Merchandising and Technical team for review.

      Thanks again for taking the time to let us know how we can improve.

      Soft Surroundings

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