A Brush with Greatness: A Three Part Series

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A Brush With Greatness - jane iredale

Complexion Brushes: used to apply primers, foundations, concealers and finishing powders

Somewhere in the foreground of every woman’s vanity are the tools she uses to apply her makeup. It is often a hodgepodge of brands and qualities that she has collected over the years. Rarely cleaned and often looking somewhat distressed, these are the only tools that many women never invest in, quite possibly because there are so many brushes for sale at such a broad range of price points – it’s easy to get overwhelmed.


My goal is to simplify this so you’ll know which brush or brushes to use to achieve the most beautiful you. I will put our brushes into categories and teach you when to use each brush. I’ll start with our complexion brushes in this first article, though will be back to tell you about blush, bronzer and lip brushes, and of course eye brushes, in subsequent articles.

As you read about our brushes, keep in mind that they are hand tied before being placed into the ferrule (the metal base). This increases both the strength and longevity of the brush. All of the hair in our brushes is harvested without hurting animals. We want you to feel good about investing in our brushes and want you to know that we feel good about how we’re making them.

You’ll want to change your brush to achieve the best application results depending on whether you’re applying a liquid or powder complexion product.


The Handi Brush – use to apply pressed powders and bronzers. The flat bristles, made from Goat Hair, prevent you from buffing the minerals, which allows for smooth, even application every time and no shine!

chisel powder

Chisel Powder Brush – use to apply loose powder. The Goat Hair bristles have the perfect firmness to evenly disperse the minerals.


Foundation Brush – use to apply liquid foundations and primers. The firm bristles, made of Taklon Nylon, allow you to blend liquid product effortlessly. Its chiseled shape gives great precision for working in difficult areas like the corners of the nose and under the eyes.


Blending Brush – use to apply both powder and liquid or cream-based products though this brush is particularly good for blending tinted moisturizer and cream blush so that your finished look is seamless. This brush is made of a unique combination of Goat Hair and Taklon Nylon allowing you to buff the bristles in a circular direction to eliminate any lines or smudges.


Camouflage Brush – use to apply liquid and cream-based concealer. This Taklon Nylon brush is the perfect shape and size for a variety of concealing needs as it disperses and blends product beautifully.


Sculpting Brush – use to apply liquid and cream-based concealer (use this brush to also apply liquid eye primer and liquid eye shadow, which I’ll explain more later). This Taklon Nylon brush can be worked in a circular direction to blend away any lines of demarcation so you won’t see where the concealer ends and the foundation begins.

Whatever brush you use, always remember to use a little product at a time so that you can control your application. Be sure to shampoo your brushes on a regular basis to ensure soft, non-abrasive bristles and brush longevity.

  • Marsha

    This has been really helpful! I will agree that it’s easy to find the cheapest makeup brushes and build up a collection of many different brands. It helps to know which brushes are best for each product, and why. Thanks for sharing!

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