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By Jane Iredale, President & Founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

Over the years, I have gathered an arsenal of cosmetic tips and tricks that work for me and the women I work with. Here are a few of my favorites that I wanted to share.

  1.For a timeless, fresh complexion, prep your skin with primer, followed with a liquid foundation application. For a full coverage, matte look, add powder over liquid.
 step2 2.To create a long-lasting eye begin by applying Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow, which will grab onto the pigment of any eyeshadow you place on top to ensure it stays crease free.
 step3 3.When lining the eye, consider experimenting with using eyeshadow as a liner. Spritz a liner brush with your Hydration Spray and brush across your eyeshadow. This will create a deeper color.
 step4 4.To keep lip color in place all day, without any feathering or fading, begin by applying Absence Oil Control Primer, followed by PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. For a very precise application, apply color with the Retractable Lip Brush.
 step5 5.Contour the face using No. 6 Active Light Under-eye Concealer. Apply underneath the cheek bones from the hair line towards the lips, stopping the line where the eye ends, and blend up using the Sculpting Brush. You can also sculpt the jaw line and nose using the same technique.
 step6 6.Highlight and lift the under eye area using Active Light Under-eye Concealer No. 1 or No. 5, depending on skintone. Create a “V” from the inner corner of the under eye to mid cheek and up to the hairline. Blend using the Camouflage Brush.
 step7 7.Love eyeshadow, but drop a lot of pigment under your eye while applying, then when you try to clean it up you end up looking like a raccoon? Here is a great tip for magically erasing that fallen pigment without disrupting the makeup you already have on: using the Foundation Brush, pick up a little bit of Absence Oil Control Primer. In swift, outward strokes, brush it under the eye, and Ta Da! The pigment is gone with no smears or smudges!
  • Brenda

    Love your tips and would also love to hear what tips you could give me for my rosacea prone skin. I am currently on medication for the breakouts but it doesn’t help too much with the redness. Thanks!

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Brenda,
      To help with redness, we would recommend the Osmotics Blue Copper 5 products. The Blue Copper ingredient is very reparative and soothing. We hope this helps.

      Soft Surroundings

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