A Brush with Greatness: a three part series, part two

By on January 23, 2015, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Soft Surroundings


by Jane Iredale, President & Founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

Women LOVE blush! We use blush to give the skin a kiss of color. But do you know which brush to use when applying blush? You want to be sure you use the correct brush so you don’t apply too much product. The key to applying cheek color is to remember that the shape of the brush in addition to the density and length of the bristles has a direct impact on how much product you will apply.

We have a brush for you no matter what sun-kissed or blushed look you’re going for.


White Fan Brush – use to apply blush, bronzer, matte powders and 24-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder. What makes this brush so special is its ability to take a high pigment color and softly disperse it onto the skin in a subtle, sheer way. This brush offers you wonderful control in your application.


Dome Brush – excellent brush to use when applying blush, bronzer, 24-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder and even for blending eyeshadow. Use this brush to achieve an intense pop of color. The dense, but soft bristles give a rich deposit of color with a round shape that allows you to blend beautifully.


Kabuki Brush – the full, round shape is great for applying loose powder, pressed powder and cheek color to create smooth areas of color without streaks or stripes. This is a very popular brush for women on-the-go: the short handle allows you to keep this in small spaces.

A medicine cabinet mirror door is often a great tool to see how your cheeks look from a profile view. Open the mirror half way and look in the opposing vanity mirror to ensure that you have soft areas of color framing the cheekbones, temples and jawline. Blend away any stripes or lines of demarcation.

Once you’ve applied your cheek color, consider setting it with a spritz of Hydration Spray. This will give your cheeks an even, natural appearance and help the color blend with your complexion.


Don’t forget to add color to you lips to balance the color on your cheeks! Use the Retractable Lip Brush to apply lip gloss, lip stain or lipstick with a precision that will make all the difference in the world! A great thing about this brush is that it’s retractable so you won’t have to worry about a mess in your purse!