Storage: The Secret to a Balanced Life

By on January 29, 2015, in Soft Surroundings


Have you stuck with your new year’s resolutions? Was one of them to get organized? If it was and your willpower is waning, now is a good time to look around and take stock.

Managing the mayhem that stacks up in any home is the secret to a life that feels in balance. When things pile up creating clutter and chaos you can’t find the stuff you really need, and you feel out of control. So curb that clutter and feel the calm.

And by that we mean, sift, sort, and select what’s essential in each room. Then store it. Yes, the first step is editing, not storing.

In any room, in any home, mountains of stuff collect. And not all of it is used or useful. So purge. First. It feels good and it frees up space for new ideas and inspiration.

**The elimination of the unwanted/un-needed is sometimes difficult….and a subject for another blog post!…but for now use this motto: if you haven’t used it in two years, boot it or give it away. And if you hear yourself saying, “but I may need it someday!” pack it away, and two years from now reassess. You’d be surprised what happens. One-third of the stuff you put away, you’ll love and use all over again. One-third you’ll keep packed up as future heirlooms. And you’ll be amazed how ready you are to send the last one-third to a new home.

And that’s three-thirds of a great feeling.

Now, back to the subject: storage! Here are a handful of clever tips, tricks and treasures to increase your storage space now that you’ve gotten the stuff down to the everyday essentials.

Double Duty

TV and entertainment rooms are often the zones that attract the biggest mess and look unkempt. It’s because they’re usually the favorite places to flop. These high traffic zones are great rooms to furnish with pieces that serve more than one purpose.


Our St. Lucia Console is one of our best. The rustic rattan is nice and casual; a comfortable look and feeling for leisure rooms. Imagine it along the back of a linen slipcovered sofa (our Cote d’Azur or Byron Sofas would be perfect). And this console is more than good-looking; it’s hard working. Lift the lid and stow all the items inside that collect in these rooms, like blankets and throws, DVDs and chew toys. You’ll know where to find them when you want them, but until then they’re tucked out of sight.


Pieces like the St. Lucia Console and its cousin the Sanibel Coffee Trunk make the most out of space and take the least amount of your time because they make cleaning up a breeze. Just lift and stash!

The other fabulous thing about the St. Lucia and Sanibel is they both look great and work great in the bedroom as well. Put one or the other at the foot of your bed and use them to pack away blankets, or hide extra pillows when not in use.

So whether you’re squashed for room or have plenty of it, it’s never a bad idea to have a few double duty pieces of furniture. They’re the ultimate clutter busters.


When you see a piece of furniture or accent that you can imagine using in several different places or for various purposes, snap it up! Sometimes it takes a little cleverness and imagination to re-invent something, but any idea is always worth a try.


For example our Beauvais Cabinet is stately and elegant. It’s a lovely addition to a living room or dining room with curios or china inside. But it’s natural grey finish and the simple hourglass mullions on the glass doors make it an excellent choice for the bath or bedroom. Surprised? Why wouldn’t it look great with soft patterned or ticking striped linens, fluffy pastel towels and colorful soaps inside? Using it that way might not be your first instinct, but it works.

And if you have piles of books scattered under or on top of your bedside table, all you need to find is a tiny footprint of space in your bedroom to use the Beauvais Cabinet there. Your books will be gathered up all in one beautiful dust-free place!

Forgotten Spaces

Open up a magazine or scan a social site and you’ll find a lot of helpful suggestions on how to make the most out of forgotten spaces. Terrific! But keep two things in mind: the solution should have both beauty and utility otherwise it won’t be much better than the clutter.


Along those lines, some of our favorites—and our customers’ favorites too—are the Maldives and Millau Corner Cabinets. The Millau is a bit larger, but it still neatly tucks into a charming corner. Close the doors on everything inside and you’ve created picture perfect storage in a fraction of the space a traditional cupboard would need.

The Maldives nestles into a corner too, and serves as a hybrid between stunning shelving and sweet smart storage. Some of our customers have found a home for it in their breakfast nook or their enclosed front porch. Clever!


Smart, streamlined storage is a simple answer to the flotsam and jetsam that accumulates in a happy home. Take control of the disarray and confusion. And then let us know if you agree that a well-organized house brings calm, comfort and balance to your life.