Private Space: Carve Out a Little for Yourself

By on February 5, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

It’s this time of year when we crave a little space, some down-time, the opportunity to snuggle in or wrap up in whatever makes us feel comfy and ultimately restored. After all, there’s a reason so many living things on this planet, from bears to butterflies, hibernate. It’s nature’s way of getting us through the cold, dark months of winter.

And your home is most often the place where all of this vital regeneration of the mind, body, and spirit takes place. Have you mapped out those spots in your maison? Are they as relaxing as you’d like them to be? What could make them more inviting and restful? An elegant escape is just steps away when you carve out some inviting private spaces at home.


Say the words “relaxing retreat” and often the bedroom comes to mind. And it should. We spend an average of 25 years of our lives sleeping! That doesn’t even count reading, talking or eating chocolate in bed! The bedroom should be a haven for de-stressification. But often it’s not.

Soft Surroundings has the solution. In fact, we devote an extraordinary amount of time and dedication to curating the most ahhh-inspiring collection of bedding available. Because we believe the bed is the primo private space. From our blissful bamboo sheets to silk charmeuse pillowcases much like the ones Chinese women have used for centuries to prevent facial lines and wrinkles, we’ve got it.


Our Normandy Bedding Ensemble is a perfect example. This gorgeous Normandy quilt marries soft grain sack striped linen, with vintage toile,e embroidery and scalloped trim. Coupled with the Normandy shams and the spa blue-and-cream colored Ticking Stripe Pillowcases delicately edge with crochet, this ensemble is irresistible.

And a lovely, well-made bed beckons like almost no other private space can.

Boudoir (…a sitting room)

To the Victorian French, the boudoir was a sitting or dressing room adjacent to the bedchamber. Boudoir literally translates to mean ‘to sulk’. But we know better. Women of that era must have cherished their down-time as much as we do and they made sure there was a private space for it.

If you have a master bedroom that can accommodate a peaceful lounging area, consider our Avignon Tufted Back Chair and Ottoman to furnish it. We love the lines of this chair and with the ottoman pulled up at its heels the shape is a sweeping chaise. And it’s so richly appointed, with hand-sewn button tufting on the high, curvy back and sink-down-deep softness thanks to down-wrapped linen and cotton covered cushions. It says ‘boudoir’ in every breath.


The other obvious private space at home is the bathroom. Making it the oasis it’s meant to be takes a little attention. Soaps, salts and candles are a great start, but what about cabinetry? Yes, we said cabinets.


Even if your bathroom isn’t big enough for the St. Trophime Cabinet, ask yourself if it wouldn’t look great nearby in a hallway or on the other side of an adjacent wall. It might just fit. The Trophime’s depth is trim but its length is ample. And the Asian-inspired, hand-painted gold embellishments on the lacquered French teal blue doors give it a look of opulence and femininity. Wouldn’t it be a welcome way to hide everything from hairdryers to extra toothpaste?




And on top of the St. Trophime, arrange all of your bottles, boxes and trays of treasures. Slip a string of pearls into one of our exquisitely hand made Silver Boxes. Place them with our intoxicating Fragrance Diffuser on a whitewashed Montaigne Tray. And remember the finishing touch – Hang our hand-carved iron, smoked Celia Mirror above the whole ensemble.  Instant altar of personal space.


Creating at-home comfort zones aren’t always about thread count and candles. Often it’s about unexpected atmosphere. You can encircle yourself with the things you love or things that have meaning to you in any nook or corner and feel like it’s ‘your’ space.

Another way to create an intimate feeling in an alcove or hideaway spot is with lighting. The perfect drop pendant, like our Floral Swag Crystal Chandelier can work magic when placed over a casual or rustic table and chair. The juxtaposition of ornate and simple, old and new is what tells the story of calm tranquility in a spot like that.


Add puddled sheers to a window and the soft, filtered light and relaxed sweep of fabric will lighten and relax the mood. Our Pom Pom Linen Curtains and Valance are a perfect choice for that effect. And we love the cheery ivory-colored pom poms along their length and the swoop of the valance.

It’s not all about you

Isn’t it true that when everyone else in the house is calm and contented, you are too? Then make sure everyone at your residence has their own private space. It will only add to your own peace of mind.


And top on the list (okay, maybe not top-top, but close to the top) is your beloved best friend of the furry kind. Wouldn’t he or she love to curl up in a deliciously comfortable bed too? Take a look at our Floral Swag Dog Bed and Cushion. Hand-carved rose swags drape around its pine plank sides. And its regal silhouette stands on four sturdy feet, with a plush tufted cushion inside. That’s private space for the happily pampered pet. You both deserve it.



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    I just found your lovely line. So many beautiful items. I am a Shabby Chic Interior Designer and everything you sale fits right into my life style as well as many friends that I have. I will for sure spread the news about your company. Sincerely, Jo

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