Our Top Ten Ways to Fresh Start a Room

By on February 10, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

Want to turn a room from average to aha!? Top designers know there are some simple and smart ways to give a room an instant upgrade. The tips and tricks aren’t earthshattering; look for elements that bring strong design, subtle color and surprising sparkle. Those are some of the things we do all the time here at Soft Surroundings to curate our collections, from rugs and lighting to furniture and accents.

So follow along and discover how easy it is to fresh start a room. We’ve gathered our top ten suggestions, most of them from our new spring collection. Enjoy!


1. Light it up We have more than twenty elegant chandeliers, table and floor lamps that are gorgeously designed pieces in themselves, but they’re also the means to transform a room with the click of a switch. The Eleonore Crystal Chandelier is a remarkable example. It adds richness to any type of décor. When light refracts around the space thanks to the hundreds of facets on its crystal teardrops, your room comes alive. And the Eleonore is only one of our many lighting options.


2. Mirror Magic Just as light dances off of crystal, mirrors can cast a similar effect. Plus, mirrors add depth and dimension to large or small spaces. We’re not just talking about wall mirrors like our full length, hand-carved Lyons Mirror. Consider mirrored boxes and our glamorous Mirrored Lingerie Chest. It reflects the light and looks great from all angles. A definite room pleaser.


3. Surprise Just-right accents and furnishings are the backbone of a great room. But once in a while, just-right is completely surprising, like in the case of our Louis Curve Bench. Elegant tufted linen has style and grace. And it is the perfect size for an entryway, taking the eye close to the ground, perhaps to admire the rug. But just as appropriate but slightly more surprising would be to put the Louis Curved Bench in front of a long sofa to use as a coffee table and extra seating. Either way, it’s a star in a room.


4. Shiny Objects Just as statement jewelry changes the look of an outfit, shiny accents and accessories do the same to a room. Two of our favorite examples are the Fiesole Artichaut Lamp and the Burgundy Bar Cart. Artichokes are the benevolent symbol of hope and prosperity. But never is that more obvious than on our hand-gilt Fiesole Artichaut Lamp. It has a soupcon of glitz, a lot of regal charm.

Our Burgundy Bar Cart marries the burnished glimmer of brass with antiqued smoked mirrors. It’s a handy thing to have around but we promise, it won’t go unnoticed. We couldn’t walk away without it when we saw its inspiration in a market in Marseilles.


5. Talk Pieces Room-makers don’t have to be big or flamboyant. They can just as easily be simple somethings in the corner. But they garner attention! A great example is our adorable Andre Door Stop. This faithful friend is finished in a bronze patina so he looks like he’s had eons of masters. Have him meet your guests at the door and see how many compliments he gets. And you too!

6. Graphic Punch Our next way to bring renewed excitement to a room is to select one new piece that lends graphic punch to its surroundings. Oftentimes, decorators use dramatic wall décor to achieve this feeling. But just as easily you can spotlight the floors with colors or shapes that pop. We love our sweeping printed damask Villandry Rug for just this reason. In three sizes, it suggests a let’s-mingle traffic pattern, and gives an airy freedom to the space. In sage green, blue, and mocha, the Villandry Rug proves graphic punch doesn’t have to mean knockout bright color.


7. More Pattern As we said, pattern can be subtle and still signal a fresh new perspective in a space. Two understated examples of the impact pattern can make are our Dominique Buffet Lamp and the refined Juliet Lamp.

On the shades of both you’ll see a delicate floral motif, one printed and edged in gold trim and the other appliqued with frayed shapes on linen. The elements of nature are carried down the length and around the base of each lamp, giving them even more texture and detail.

Your first impression of the pattern on these lamps might be subdued, but flip the switch to turn on the light and the design becomes elegantly dramatic.


8. Versatility Sometimes, freshening up a room doesn’t even require a new purchase (although we love it when it does!) Sometimes, perking up the place only requires using what you have in a new and exciting way.

For example, our luxurious Flokati Rug is simply heaven underfoot. It’s made in Greece of the finest natural, undyed New Zealand wool. Make it the first thing you set foot on when you awaken or the last thing your tootsies touch before you curl up in your favorite reading chair.

And when you want some variety, drape the Flokati Rug across the back of your linen couch. The juxtaposition of fibers is a wonderful treat for the eyes, and so clever too.


9. Strong Design Architectural elements are a great way to infuse new life into a room. No, you don’t have to install elaborate crown moldings or chair rails and trim. You can scatter strong design pieces around the room, art gallery style.

Our glittering gilt framed Grilles are easy examples—see the Rue Le Verrier and the Rue de Bac—and the Valere Triptych Panels do the same thing in triplicate! But perhaps our favorite way sprinkle classic architecture around is with our Laon, Chartres and Notre Dame Medallions on Stands. Move them from dining table centerpiece, to vanity backdrop and more.


10. A Little Quirk It seems like pillows have been the go-to way to revitalize a room since the Victorian era. But scatter pillows are also the easiest way to help a room express your personality. And that’s always refreshing! So if the pillows on your bed or your sofa are a little quirky, good for you! Would our Dog Breed Needlepoint Pillows be barking up the right tree?

Tell us a few of the ways you freshen up the look of a room. We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

  • Amelia W.

    My favorite ways to freshen up a room are with rugs, plants, and rearranging the furniture. Great article, great ideas, I can’t wait to redecorate my apartment!

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