A Brush with Greatness: a three part series, part three

By on March 4, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

by Jane Iredale, President & Founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

The only rule with eyeshadow is that there are no rules! Your eye makeup should match you: your personality, your skintone and even your mood. As every eye has distinct surfaces and contours that differ from person to person, we’ve created a plethora of brushes to meet any need. When applying eyeshadow and even eyeliner, choose a brush that will address your task according to the area of the eye you are working: use a larger brush to apply one shade to a large area of the eye; use a small, defined brush for a hard line; use a small, soft brush for smudging. And it’s never a bad idea to have a few clean brushes to use to blend shades after you’ve applied them.

No matter what eye product you are applying, there is a brush to help you achieve the most desirable outcome. Although our brushes are all versatile, I’ve tried to put them into categories for you:


Eyeshadow Brushes

Large Shader Brush – use to easily apply your base shade to your entire eye. Lay the brush flat against your lid to evenly disperse the color.

Oval Blender Brush – use this brush to evenly blend in a circular direction to really work color onto the eye.

Deluxe Shader Brush – this brush is perfect for highlighting the brow bone, smoothing out lines of demarcation and even placing 24-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder on the center of the lid because it offers precision and deposits the perfect amount of color.

Eye Shader Brush – the soft, dense bristles give a seamless deposit of color just where you need it, especially in smaller areas like the inner corner of the lid or just below the arch of the brow.

Chisel Shader Brush – this stiffer, denser brush allows for a more intense stroke, making it great for blending and pushing color into one area.

Small Fluff Brush – this brush is an excellent choice for laying down a dark shadow in the outer corner as its size and flexibility offer a softer deposit of color.

Crease Brush – the long round shape and the length of the bristles allows a smooth, blended deposit of pigment just where you want it. This brush is great for placing a darker shade in the crease or the outer corner.

Eye Contour Brush – this brush is the perfect size, angle, shape and density for placing the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye and working it into the crease.


Eyeliner Brushes

Detail Brush – this is one of our most versatile brushes. Use it to line with cream-based eyeliner, lining with shadow, filling in your brows or even defining your lips.

Angle Definer Brush – use this brush to smudge eyeliner and/or to fill in your brows. The bristles are small and stiff, which gives a stronger, darker deposit of color.

Angle Eyeliner Brush – this brush has an unusual bend that allows it to reach over the lashes for perfectly precise lining.  This is perfect for applying any cream-based eyeliner.

Eye Liner/Brow Brush – use this brush to line your eyes with cream-based products for a perfectly straight line. Use the sponge tip for smudging the line after you’ve applied!

Smudge Brush – this brush is great for smudging pencils, lining with shadows or filling in your brows. The short, firm bristles give an intense, but soft line, wherever you need it.

Mini-Dome Brush – the firm yet soft bristles of the brush make it an excellent choice for blending or smudging the lash line or crease.


Eyebrow & Eyelash Brushes

Angle Liner/Brow Brush – this brush is especially great for creating beautiful brows as it will both define and fill your brows.

Deluxe Spoolie Brush – use this brush to brush your unruly brows and smooth clumpy mascara.

Eye Brush/Comb – use this brush to groom, brush and separate both eyelashes and eyebrows.

Remember, our brushes are hand tied before being placed into the ferrule (the metal base).  This increases both the strength and longevity of the brush.  We want you to feel good about investing in our brushes and want you to know that we feel good about how we’re making them. Not only that, but choosing the right brush will make all the difference in your final look. Have fun!

  • RITA

    .will the brushes be labeled to what they are used for and what they do? i have some brushes and not sure which are for what except for the mascara and lashes.

    • Soft Surroundings

      Dear Rita,
      Thank you so much for your question. We understand that brushes can be confusing- that’s one reason that we love these! Some brushes are labeled with the names, which give a general idea of the uses. Most brushes can be used for multiple uses. In general, remember to use hair brushes for powders and synthetic brushes for cream and liquid products.
      Soft Surroundings

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