‘Back to Natural’ – Healthy Tips for Naturally Beautiful Nails

By on March 25, 2015, in Beauty Knowledge Center, Soft Surroundings

When it comes to nail care everyone has their own opinion about the “best” kind of manicure. While many go for acrylics, wraps, and the presently popular gel manicure, many salons and experts across the country are opting to do away with all the hoopla and instead revert back to basics- naturally beautiful nails. There are many reasons sited for the resurgence of natural nails, such as lower maintenance, but most notably the common thread is that going natural can address common nail ailments, especially as you age. With this intention in mind, Dermelect Cosmeceuticals has created the first peptide infused, nail treatments to enable anyone to strip off the enhancements and go stunningly long and strong.

Ready to go bare? Create your own perfect, anti-aging manicure in these easy steps.

shape1. SHAPE: Start with clean, dry nails. Remove any leftover lacquer with a non-acetone remover. Clip and file to desired length and shape. Use long, smooth strokes, always working in one direction to prevent splitting.


2. SKIP THE SOAK: You’ve seen the picture of soaking the nails in Palmolive. This actually will dry out the nails. Instead mix a drop of water with cuticle oil and rub it in and push back the cuticles.


3. PREP: Any residue (moisturizer, oil, water, etc.) on your nails needs to go! First treatment step is to brush on Immaculate Nail Cleanse Prep. The gentle, non-drying cleanser primes the nails by eliminating oils and invisible impurities while creating a perfect slate to the topical layer of the nail creating a perfect state for lacquer adhesion and a longer lasting manicure.



4. BASE COAT: Pivotal to protect nails from discoloring and to provide a smooth surface for color application. We have two base coats to choose from depending on your nails. For weak, hard-to-grow nails go with Launchpad Nail Strengthener. For nails that are ridged, discolored or have visible problems, treat with the Makeover Ridge Filler. The shimmering pink hue cleverly conceals and camouflages nail imperfections, yellow spots, white spots and ridges.


5. COLOR: Dermelect ‘ME’ Treatment Lacquers. Exquisite hues coupled with a protein-peptide infused, professional formula that delivers a high gloss shine, flawless coverage and an influx of strength. Use three strokes: one down the middle, followed by one along each side.


6. TOP COAT: Don’t skip this step! Add a manicure extending protective layer as well as an over chip-resistant thickness to top off your mani by simply applying a top coat. Swipe the brush along the “free edge” of your nails, sealing the overall nail as well as the edges. For high shine and added durability try High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener or for a customized, modern look, go matte, flat & beautiful with Matte-iculous Matte Top Coat.


7. REPLENISH: The most common nail problems are weak, splitting or peeling nails which can be caused by a lack of hydration. After your mani has dried and set, continuously dab and massage over nails and cuticles our secret weapon; Rejuvenail® Fortifying Nail & Cuticle Treatment! With ingredients that boast those of an expensive facial treatment, Rejuvenail is technologically tooled to hydrate and strengthen fingernails.