Your Soft Spot: Pet Perfect Purchases

By on April 3, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

What do you think Dog Heaven looks like? We imagine big, open, grassy fields to run in and mirrored lakes in which to dive and swim. The inhabitants are dogs of every shape, size and color, romping around, catching Frisbees, gnawing on shoes…and sniffing, lots and lots of sniffing.

It doesn’t take much to create Dog Heaven right here, right now. After all, doesn’t your canine already show signs of heavenly rapture when he twitches, yips, or talks in his sleep?! We thought so. So make his pad paradise and he’ll reward you with what comes naturally: loyalty, love and undying friendship. Expect a few wet dog kisses too.

Lots of the Soft Surroundings staff has a soft spot for dogs, so our eyes are always open for dog beds and furniture that will make a pooch feel pampered. One of our favorites is the Grain Sac Pet Cushion.


It’s made of 100% jute so it hides dirt and hair; it’s breathable and nearly indestructible. This cushion was inspired by the sacks French farmers use to package up their grain. Traditionally, grain sacks have one-of-a-kind stripes or markings on them, like monograms, to identify each farmer’s yield. So our Grain Sac Pet Cushion has quintessentially French insignia too. It is available in three sizes.

But even more important than any of these owner-friendly details is the fact that the Grain Sac Cushion gets 5-woofs from dogs of all sizes. It’s firm but forms to their bodies and the jute stays cool and relaxing. Exactly what the vet ordered.

One of the first things a new pet owner learns is to create a comfortable space for their furry friend. Dog beds, pillows and cushions are must-haves. And ones like ours are so much cozier than the couch.

Plus, we find that 50% of the post-worthy moments happen when our pet is perched (or passed out) upon their bed!


For the K-9 that thinks he’s king of the castle (or queen of the chateau) consider the Soft Surroundings Floral Swag Dog Bed with Cushion. Exquisite hand-carved rose studded garland drape around this bed’s thrown-like silhouette. Rustic pine planks, finished in a light antique walnut stain, curve across the back and sides. And the overall effect is a picture of Louis XV-inspired luxury for your majestic mutt or best of show.

The Floral Swag Dog Bed comes in two sizes to suit small or large dogs and the cushion is linen tufted and poly filled.


For the pet owner who loves to put her feet up, here’s the pet sanctuary that does double duty: the Maggie Ottoman. It’s so solidly built of birch wood, humans can use it as a stool while the happy hound naps inside. It will support 400 pounds of weight and it’s upholstered in a nubby viscose/linen. The tightly padded top can pinch hit as an end table too.

The Maggie Ottoman also comes in a linen/leather combination and both styles have a chic and rugged nailhead trim. We love when furniture multi-tasks so stylishly.

Last, but not least, we designed meticulously hand-stitched needlepoint pillows in your favorite dog breeds: Black Lab, Pug, Dachshund, Havanese, and Maltese. They’re backed in plush cotton velvet and have a removable polyester insert.

Use them as accent pillows on sofa or bed and they’ll remind you of your adorable creature’s bright eyes and curious expressions every time you see them.

5 Awesome Tips for Dog Owners

1. Put a medium sized rubber ball in your dog’s food bowl if she eats too fast. It will slow down her chomping and add a little fun too.

2. Treat your dog to a popsicle in the heat of summer. Fill a cake mold with water, a little chicken broth, and throw in some rubber dog toys and chews. Freeze it, pop it out, and put it in the yard for a long-lasting rehydrating ice lick.

3. Puppy proofing means getting down on all fours and taking in a dog’s eye view of things. Be especially mindful of that hidden nest of electrical cords!

4. Walk. Of course it’s good exercise for you and your dog, but the added benefit is running into like-minded dog lovers. Doggie play date anyone?

5. Keep a basket of dog-walking paraphernalia by the door (leashes, doggie sweaters, booties) and in the summer include a spray bottle of water to mist your doggie diva as she strolls. Everything ready to grab and go, go, go!