How Sensuous is Your Home?

By on May 4, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

(Ways to Decorate with Your Senses)

Sensuous is a word that describes something that appeals to the senses. In terms of your home, the word sensuous is very appropriate because the most inviting, most comfortable homes have elements that relate to all five senses. And maybe more!

If you pay heed to your senses while you decorate or furnish, you’ll create an environment that is lively, expressive, and evocative too.

Infuse Color (The Sense of Sight)

The power of color to create a mood or reaction is a well-known fact. Most restaurants are painted red or yellow because those colors are said to stimulate the appetite and metabolic rate. The color scheme in most spas and salons is white, blue or green because these colors are soothing, restful and restorative. The color blue is said to decrease human metabolism.


Take the mood of color into account when you’re choosing bedding and towels. Our aqua colored Seascape Bedding Collection is a feast for the eyes. It starts with the subtle, organic tones of sea, sun and sky. But then, the appliqued horizontal strips of soft frayed cotton voile create a feeling of the ebb and flow of ocean tides across the bed.

Punctuate the tranquility by adding our Lagos Quilt. Inspired by brilliant hand-painted Spanish tiles, the large floral medallions of gold, orange, aqua, indigo and chartreuse scatter across a white field giving warmth and creativity to the bed.


Add one more pop of vibrant color with our Sunflower Pillow. Sunflowers are symbols of loyalty and longevity, characteristics that mirror the eternal energy of the sun. This one is beautifully printed on 100% Belgian linen and fringed in natural jute.

Staying mindful of the power color brings to an environment is the first step to decorating with your senses.

Incorporate Comfort (The Sense of Touch)

 The second easiest way to ensure your home has a sensuous quality is to focus some attention on the sense of touch. For many of us, and certainly for the staff at Soft Surroundings, softness and comfort is key. That’s why we created our exclusive “Softness Rating.” You’ll see it on every item we sell with fabric that touches your skin.

So if you like things soft and cozy, look for the little cloud symbol after our product’s name on our website or in our catalog. The number 1 in the cloud means it is “so soft”, a 2 connotes “heavenly soft” and a rating of 3 in the cloud means that item has “ultimate softness.”


Our luxurious Featherweight Blanket, for example, earns the “ultimate softness” rating for good reason. Light 100% cotton gauze is spun into a waffle weave by crafters in Portugal. This blanket is a whisper-weight, velvety-soft pop of pure white or teal on a summer bed. We love pairing it with our Positano Quilt because the combination of the two pleasantly piques the eyes, skin and mind!

But comfort and softness extends beyond the bed and bath, of course. When was the last time you settled into an indescribably soft sofa or chair and never wanted to leave? Soft Surroundings has a few of those too!


The incomparable Adreanna Bergere Chair masterfully manages to meld the elegance of Louis XV design with the relaxed styling and detailing of modern life. Soft-to-the-touch natural linen upholstery covers this beauty, including the flippable down-and-fiber-wrapped seat cushion and comfy, matching throw pillow.

As if that wasn’t enough, the proportion of the Adreanna Bergere may be its coziest feature. It is just wide enough to allow a lady to sit beside her little lucky dog or friendly feline.

Contemplate Coverings (The Sense of Sound)

It may not be the first thing you think of when decorating your domicile, but the sense of sound is the first thing you’ll notice if it’s neglected. The sound of hollow rooms, loud floors, and cavernous spaces is never inviting. But the solution is fun and easy.

Choose floor and window coverings that look great, and absorb echoing, unwanted noise. In fact, the music you enjoy, the conversations you have, and the sweet silence you savor will be even better with sound-friendly drapery, rugs and mats on the windows and floors. (This is exactly the reason you can hear your own conversation in the corner booth at that noisy neighborhood café—the booth forms a buffer.)


One of our top-selling items is our Raw Silk Woven Drapery Panels. They get rave reviews because the 100% silk face and 100% cotton lining hangs so beautifully, and puddles so gracefully. But more than that, these luxurious panels soak up unwanted sound while allowing the light to filter through the natural web of the weave.

In an entryway or enclosed porch, deaden excess sound with strategically placed outdoor floor mats like our vibrant Veranda Mat in cobalt, saffron and turquoise. They’ll pass for antiques, but they’re much more affordable. The flat-woven synthetic fiber is a breeze to sweep clean and soft on the feet. Eyes, ears, fingers and toes—sensory satisfying—check!

Up the Ambience (The Sense of Smell)

Have you heard of the tried-and-true trick to selling a house? It trades on the sense of smell. The trick is to dip your pinkie into a drop of vanilla extract and dot it on the lighted bulb of a table lamp, preferably near the entry door. Buyers are welcomed into the home with the scent of baking cookies! And when doesn’t the smell of warm cookies make everyone happy?!

The sense of smell is just as powerful as the other four senses, but it’s often an afterthought in home décor. Not with us, though. At Soft Surroundings we are big fans of candles and reed diffusers to create an elegant fragrance and add a lovely sensuousness to a space.


Nest Candles and Reed Diffusers are our perfect pick. Our customers call them long lasting, subtle, romantic and therapeutic. We love the exotic variety of scents to choose from: Bamboo, Grapefruit, Moroccan Amber, Moss & Mint, Orange Blossom, Wasabi Pear, Vanilla Orchid and Almond, and Sicilian Tangerine.

Add Flavor (The Sense of Taste)


Ok, so you’re wondering how we’re going to encourage you to use your sense of taste to decorate your home! Easy, use your sense of good taste! You know what we mean. Scroll, click and get swatches of our wonderful products. Or page through our pretty catalogs. And when you happen upon something that speaks to you—like our fabulous Crewel Damask Pouf—buy it. Because the best way to add the sense of taste to your place is to listen to your intuition!