Natural Stones: Powerfully Beautiful!

By on May 13, 2015, in Jewelry, Soft Surroundings

Natural stone jewelry is having a magic moment right now. Going hand-in-hand with the gypsy chic, haute hippie and globally inspired trends in clothing — as well as a heightened interest their potential healing qualities — natural stone accessories are big this season.

Turquoise adorns many breathtaking necklaces, bracelets, and rings, and it’s no wonder. Universally flattering in its daydream hues that range from blue to green, turquoise is one of the original power stones that fosters friendship, wisdom, and good fortune.

You’ll also find jade in all of its beautiful colors, known to attract love, encourage creativity and bless whatever it touches. Quartz is a universally powerful stone in a multitude of colors that encourages positive thoughts, clarity, and focus. Howlite, a typically white stone with gray veins (that can be dyed many colors) is known for its calming, stress-relieving qualities.

If you’re more focused on the fashionable and flattering qualities of natural stones, keep in mind a few tips when it comes to choosing the right ones for your skin tone.

If your skin tone is cool: pink, red, blue, lavender, purple and green look great because they brighten up your complexion.

If your skin tone is warm: coral, orange, spice tones, golden yellow, and olive green bring out the natural warmth of your complexion.

When accessorizing with natural stones, simplicity is key. With an emphasis this season on natural stones as statement pieces, you don’t want them competing with other elements of your outfit. Showcase the beauty of these natural wonders with an elegant tunic or dress in a sophisticated solid color.

Positively Gorgeous


The Sunrise Earrings capture the sun’s vibrance with a lustrous orange teardrop cabochon surrounded by a delicate border of turquoise seed beads.

Our Caspian Earrings feature oval turquoise gemstones and playful movement from the coral thread tassels.


Coral and precious jade are polished to a silky sheen for the captivating Seaside Sunrise Necklace while faceted crystals accent the intriguing shapes and textures of the tribal-inspired design.


Tiers of opulent turquoise opals set in antique gold bezels make the handcrafted Turkish Delight Necklace exquisite.


The standalone Versailles Choker is decidedly sexy and sophisticated with its stunning cascade of coral cabochons and lavish strands of tiny turquoise howlite beads.


Explore the powerful possibilities of the Cairo Necklace I with its semi-precious gemstone beads of calming howlite, peace-restoring magnesite, creativity-inspiring quartz, energizing carnelian, and protective red agate.