The Art of Nature: Captivating Coral

By on July 6, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

Of all the ocean-inspired looks in women’s clothing this summer season, coral-themed designs are some of the most captivating. With coral’s mesmerizing shapes, sizes, and colors, it’s no wonder this natural wonder has inspired a multitude of beautiful styles.

With an array of intricate configurations, coral lends itself to graphic prints and striking allover patterns. And while we might typically think of coral as being red-orange in hue, coral is also found in purples, yellows, greens, and vivid blues, making the possibilities for creativity with coral endless.

Because of the sculptural quality of coral, it’s also found in many jewelry designs. Whether in natural, organic shapes strung together on a necklace or in tiny accents in earrings, bracelets, and rings, coral adds vibrancy to everything it’s paired with.

Along with the free-flowing styles and natural stone jewelry that’s been seen everywhere this year, coral-inspired styles are just the thing you need to complete your warmer weather wardrobe.

Coastal Cool

Hand-sewn beads glimmer along the v-neck of the soft, jersey knit Caribbean Coral Dress that’s adorned with a wandering coral reef print. The breezy cotton voile Seychelles Tunic features a whimsical, under-the-sea coral print, touches of pom-pom fringe, and faux coral pieces.


The Shell Seeker Tunic’s coral print and tonal embroidery is set against a sky-blue background to give this top three-dimensional depth. Clusters of coral are hand-painted against a semi-sheer white backdrop, making the Silk Okeanos Top a whisper-soft piece of wearable art.











Aquatic Accents 

Coral and jade intertwine while faceted crystals accent the intriguing shapes and textures of the rich, radiant Seaside Sunrise Necklace. The Lots of Layers Necklace is comprised of dozens of lustrous coral seed bead layers for a singularly glamorous look.

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The lacy, Moroccan-inspired Kiss of Coral Earrings are handmade from a dazzling mix of coral, turquoise, and crystal beads that playfully sparkle and sway.