Marula Oil…what is it?

By on July 14, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

By Allison Quiter, VP of Digital Marketing at Marula Pure Beauty Oil

By now you’ve probably heard the craze about oils and have either tried an oil or thought about buying one. Coconut, Maracuja, Grapeseed, and Argan to name a few, but what about Marula? What is it exactly?

The Marula tree is only found in Africa and bears a juicy fruit similar to an apricot. For centuries, African women have been using this precious fruit for many uses including jams, juices, cakes, alcohol, etc. Inside the fruit is a nut and kernels which when pressed, create an oil. They also extract this oil to use on their skin for anti-aging benefits, treating sunburns and during pregnancy to prevent stretchmarks. Marula Pure Beauty Oil was originally co-founded by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashton Kaidi. He clinically tested the healing benefits of Pure Marula Oil on the skin of patients who underwent radiation treatment for breast cancer surgery. Astounded by the results and improved healing, Dr. Kaidi joined the effort to bring Pure Marula Oil to all women. Named 06979the “next generation beauty oil”, Marula oil is scientifically proven to have 60% more antioxidants than the leading oil and helps protect the skin from harsh free radicals like pollution, sun exposure, makeup, etc. that causes pre-mature aging. But what else sets Marula Pure Beauty Oil apart from others oils and skin care products?

#1 – Rich in Oleic and Omega Fatty Acids – these miracle workers help the oil penetrate deeper into the skin so there is no greasy residue and stays on for long-lasting hydration. They also plump the skin to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

#2 – The only doctor-endorsed and scientifically tested oil to give our consumers the assurance they need that Marula Oil delivers what it promises.

#3 – It’s 100% natural and organic. Our oil contains only 99% Pure Marula Oil and 1% Essential Oils for fragrance so you don’t have to worry about putting any harsh chemicals onto your skin.

#4 – Every Marula nut is wild-harvested, carefully hand-selected and cold-pressed with no added heat or chemicals to ensure all of the beneficial properties are captured in each bottle.

# 5 – We are bigger than just beauty. Every bottle of Marula Oil purchased helps provide economic support to women in rural Africa who help us harvest and produce the oil. We currently provide fair trade income to over 7000 women and are hoping to triple this number in 2016.

At Marula Pure Beauty Oil, we recognized the countless benefits of Pure Marula Oil and saw an apparent need to expand our product line with other highly efficacious formulas that included the oil as its main component. 06971Some of our favorites include the Foaming Cleansing Oil, which provides the power of a gel cleanser and the hydration from an oil for soft, clean skin. Also, the Pure Marula Eye Cream 06975that uses natural peptides and plant stems cells that join forces to provide triple firming action and improved elasticity around the delicate eye area.

No matter what your skin need or concerns are, Pure Marula Beauty Oil can benefit anyone looking for gorgeous looking skin every day.

  • Marula Fan

    A lovely introduction to this fantastic oil. Works great just as the natural extract, but nice to see it added in all sorts of beauty products.

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