The Essential Tote

By on August 3, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

If you’re like us, there’s no one bag in your wardrobe that quite does it all. A selection of bags for every occasion in every style, size, and color imaginable await the daily rotation depending on the event at hand.

There are, however, those few special bags that never seem to leave our side.

More than any other style of bag, the tote comes as close to being the only bag we ever need. And as life becomes increasingly fast-paced, and multitasking becomes less an option and more of a requirement, our tote bags become even more valuable.

Accompanying us to the office, out to lunch, shopping, the farmers market, and even the beach, the tote bag works overtime from dawn to dusk and beyond, able to keep all of our life essentials at hand without us having to skip a beat.

The best part about a tote? You never have to worry about running out of space — especially when there’s a chance you’ll be adding to its contents. (There’s a reason the tote bag’s other name is a shopper.)

Let’s not forget how incredibly stylish tote bags can be, too. With the trend towards effortless, oversized bags continuing to gain strength, look forward to even more beautiful tote bag styles in the next season.

Bistro to Beach – and Beyond

The Voyageur Tote has it all: generous, overnight-getaway size, vibrant color to make any outfit pop with sophisticated color — and it’s reversible to a summery cotton stripe to give you two bags in one.

Looking to add some glamor to your tote style? The generously sized Midas Bag shimmers in the sun with lustrous, golden woven straw and chic chevron patterned border, making it the perfect companion for Saturday shopping or Sunday brunching.

Make a unique, boho statement with the Santa Rosa Bag. Guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, this carefree — yet seriously stylish — bag will accompany you on your daily adventures. It gives any outfit a striking look while giving you the freedom to carry everything you need in its spacious interior.

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Day-to-Night Sophistication

Perfectly in step with the season’s tribal influences, the Hamilton Suede Bag  is built with  luxurious textures that will only  gain character over time. Its roomy size allows you to easily transition from your daily schedule to evening activities in style. The extravagantly soft, exquisitely textured Sophia Suede Bag is the epitome of sophistication and luxury with its antiqued silver hardware and tailored look. If you require a touch of elegance in your carry-all, let this be your go-to tote.