Modern Bohemia

By on August 6, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

Guarded by the ever protective rule of the British Rock band Queen, the Bohemian Rhapsody trend is taking a stand in women’s clothing. The romantically retro trend brings the dramatic patterns and dye into a new light with rich colors and textures. Whether it’s overwhelming excitement or an epic story, a little bit of rhapsody can add the perfect personal touch. Don’t be alarmed, this doesn’t mean a complete closet clean out. A few dramatic additions to your clothing repertoire can bring new life to basic pieces.


Top It Off

You can create big drama with large bold Bohemian prints pair with a basic bottom. We all love the Metro Leggings– pairing staples like these with the Harmony Tunic allows the rich tones and vibe to play. This women’s top brings variety both in dramatic pops of color and its flowing style. Be wary of too much pattern overwhelming your look, this trend is all about the statement. Pairing with basics like a solid legging allow the Harmony Tunic to stand alone and proud. Perhaps in the truest statement of Bohemia this top is unique. Dye patterns are hand crafted and eco-friendly, meaning that your Harmony Tunic is one of a kind.


Skirts of Epic Length

During the long months of summer long, flowing skirts can quickly become a classic everyday piece in women’s clothing. A piece like the Soleil Skirt will whisk you through the hot summer months amongst its light, flowing fabric and carry you into fall with rich vibrant hues. The Soleil Skirt is the perfect candidate to add a big statement to a basic top. Try pairing this one with our Complementary Ruched Top for a flattering look. You pick the season based on the color you pair with this skirt. Look to deeper hues for fall, and lighter neutrals for summer.

Just a Touch

Feeling a bit nervous about throwing your fashion into complete Bohemian Rhapsody? How about just a little touch of the trend? Luxurious silk scarves can be paired with daily looks. Don’t limit what a scarf can do for your look. An item like the To-Die-For Silk Scarf can become a shawl to add a little retro romance. Smaller pieces like the Sweet Dreams Necklace or the Plume Sandals hint at your free spirit while keeping within your own style comfort zone.

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  • Kathy J. Bradshaw

    I have received my order from SoftSurroundings and am very pleased with the Cami’s. Although, sorry to say, the order for the two tops are two large so will be sending back trying for the smaller size instead. Looking forward to continued business with you.

    Kathy J. Bradshaw

    • Soft Spoken Soft Surroundings

      Thanks for being a fan Kathy! We are happy to hear that you found some favorites in our new collection. Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team if you need any help with your exchanges.

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