Walk This Way: Finding the Perfect Comfort Shoe

By on August 14, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

At one point in time, opting for walking shoes meant giving up style for comfort. With the ever-growing focus on fitness and the surge in urban and athleisure trends, however, comfortable shoes now look just as stylish as any other pair on the market.

A few tips to get you off on the right foot:

-No two feet are alike (even your own individual feet have subtle differences). This makes it all the more important to know what works and what doesn’t. A shoe should always conform to the shape of your foot — never the other way around.

-With a good walking shoe, the adage, ‘You get what you pay for’ is true more times than not. Invest in high-quality materials and construction when it comes to comfortable walking shoes. A more expensive shoe may very well save you money (on cheaper, less comfortable pairs) in the long run.

-Examine the entire shoe. The ideal shoe is lightweight-yet-sturdy; not too stiff-yet-not-too unstructured. Too stiff means the potential for blisters; too unstructured (i.e. a flat, flimsy heel) means the potential for longer-term foot pain.

-The shoe should be bendable at the ball of the foot. Because of the repetitive heel-toe action of walking, it’s important that the shoe flex at this point of impact.

-Examine the inside of the shoe. The insole should have a padded feel, especially in the toe box area of the shoe.

-Look for shoes with a bit of a heel rather then ones that are completely flat, particularly if you have high arches.

-Leather or rubber soles offer the most shock absorption.

-Rounded-toe shoes follow the shape of the foot and allow the toes to move, preventing calluses.

-Avoid heel slippage (and blisters) by making sure the shoe has a back that holds your foot in.

-A shoe should feel snug all around but never uncomfortably tight (don’t try to “break into” walking shoes without expecting some serious discomfort). Always make sure you have enough room to wiggle your toes, too.

No matter what kind of shoes you’re looking for, keep in mind that even the best-designed shoe is only comfortable when it fits right. This makes shopping for shoes a bit more involved but 100% more rewarding.

Four Fabulous Styles for Stepping Out



Bernie Mev’s Bella Ballets feature shimmery strands of elastic that give them incredibly flexible, sneaker-like comfort. The soft leather toe and heel caps give them a stylish, urban feel while shock-absorbing memory foam insoles and cool, traction outsoles will have you striding in comfort.



The Quest Sneakers are ideal for your “out and about” days. Made by Easy Spirit, these ultra-lightweight slip-ons have unique elastic basket weave uppers, incredibly comfy padded insoles, and sturdy EVA soles. Versatile neutral colors mean these shoes will go with everything, too.




The casual-chic Shea Sneakers don’t skimp on comfort or style. With on-trend hi-top styling, perforated leather detail, and contrast white soles, these shoes will keep you cool and comfortable with their leather lining and ultra-cushy footbed.



Known for making comfortable, high-quality shoes in Italy for decades, Superga has upped the glam factor with these shimmering Superga Metallic Sneakers. Cotton canvas is adorned with chic silver rayon threading while cotton lining and cushioned footbed put your feet in the ultimate cradle of comfort.