Flameless Candles: Fuss-Free Safety and Endless Décor Possibilities

By on August 17, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

Human beings have a deep connection to candlelight. It’s part of our ancient memory. Just as our Paleolithic ancestors lit the entrance to their caves and their families gathered around the communal fire, we too welcome guests and illuminate meals with fire, or more specifically, candlelight.

In Europe, after a meal has been prepared from simple fresh ingredients, and just-picked garden flowers grace the table, the candles are lit. In fact, most European households would consider the table incomplete without candles at the nightly meal.

But contemporary American homes turn to candlelight for special occasions, mostly. Romantic candlelit dinners are planned for anniversaries. Birthday candles are lit on cakes. A woman lights the candles around her bathtub when she needs special treatment. But why are candles so optional? Why aren’t candles a part of everyday life as they have been for eons and are in other parts of the world?

Drippy candle wax spoiling the table or tablecloth. A distracted host or hostess who doesn’t notice the candles are burning low, getting too hot, too near something flammable. Safety concerns around children or pets. Or is it inconvenience and lack of inspiration keeping us from decorating with candles and using them on a daily basis?

Flameless candles are the answer. And the large assortment of flameless candles offered by Soft Surroundings makes it easy to illuminate every room (and the outdoors) with safety and style.


Elegant Anniversary Dinner

05468Faces gathered around the table, haloed in the glowing radiance of candlelight. That’s how the Old Master painters captured the beauty candles brought to the table. And candles are still the quintessential hallmark of a special dinner party.

But today, flameless candles will create the same ambiance without all the fuss. No worries about wax dripping on your finest table linens with flameless candles. Our sparkling Metallic Flameless Candles in gold or silver are safe and so pretty. Place the silver ones on pillar stands at varying heights for a breathtaking tablescape. You might even want to consider silver or pewter-colored stands to keep things monochromatic and extra elegant. On pure white linen with white china, they’d make an unmistakable impression.

Our gold-colored Metallic Flameless Candles are absolutely gorgeous clustered on a rustic wooden serving tray surrounded by mandarin oranges, cranberries or shapely, golden Bosc pears. And with flameless candles, there’s no reason to worry about the fruit or embellishments around them getting too warm.

Most of our flameless candles are remote controllable and able to be turned off and on, dimmed or brightened, and made to flicker or stay steady at the touch of a button. They make it so easy to explore endless décor possibilities.


Wednesday’s Lasagna Dinner


Why not celebrate Wednesday’s weekly pasta with candles? There’s something so simple and charming about a plate of rotini with marinara, a block of Parmesan nearby ready to be shaved on top, and a rustic pillar candle or two on the table. This is one setting that could use our Fabulous Flameless Candles with remote. They look like luxury candles left burning for hours, with rivulets of wax streaming down their sides. But you’d have to examine them very closely before you’d admit you’d been fooled. And they’ll “burn” for 450 hours per battery. That’s more than four years of Wednesday night dinners!

These Fabulous Flameless Candles are also perfect decoration for the hearth in the summertime when it’s too warm to light a wood fire. Make sure you get an assortment of the four sizes. Then start by arranging a gallery of pillars with the tallest across the back and arcing to the sides. Layer multiples of the medium and shorter sizes toward the front of the fireplace. And with the remote, it’s effortless to light and extinguish them; it only takes a click. Plus they have a light vanilla scent—just so cozy even without the hearth fire.

Sunrise Candlelit Breakfast

05467Who said candles are just for night? Flickering candles are enchanting any time. In fact, illumination is only one of the candle’s many charms. Dreaming by a flickering flame, day or night, is relaxing and taps into something primordial. Consider this: wake up early before the sun rises. Carry your coffee or a breakfast tray to a cozy spot and light a candle. It’s a beautiful and natural way to greet the day. Our Tropical Flameless Candles make a great choice in this scenario because they feature hibiscus and fern carvings around the sides. A tropical sunrise, even if it happens in the comfort of home, feels like you’ve arrived in paradise.

Mottled and Scented

05471_1Some of our most popular candles are our Mottled Scented Flameless Candles. The paraffin wax of these candles is textured to resemble a high quality hand-poured pillar. They also have subtle scents infused into the wax and remote control capabilities. We’ve grown to find them nearly indispensable. For instance, we grab a couple of the White Swan breeze scented ones and take them to our picnics. They make pretty and unique anchors at the corners of the blanket on grassy knoll or sandy beach. Or place a series of 2” x 2.5” White Swan flameless votives along your windowsills.

The Mottled Pecan Flameless Candle with mandarin spice scent is just the right color and fragrance for an autumnal mantle display or Halloween arrangement. And the  with bayberry scent are perfect to perch in baskets by the front door, to greet your dear guests.

Don’t forget that flameless candles are especially suited for the outdoors. Wick-burning candles don’t last as long and are less safe when they’re placed in a draft or breeze. But lining your doorstep, encircling your hot tub, or outlining your pool with flameless candles adds just as much allure without all the worry and fuss. And they’re last much longer than wax candles. Midnight swim anyone?

Flameless candles are a safe and simple pleasure. Placed on top of wrought iron stands in an entryway, set singly in an oval window, clustered in the garden at dusk, or glistening in a crystal hurricane on the patio, flameless candles are the no-worries way to enchant.