Skirts for Days

By on August 18, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

In the height of summer heat, the desire for breathable fashion is at its peak as well. We’ve all been there: standing in perspiration as our legs are encased in this summer’s latest pant. Why be miserable, when there are so many options in women’s clothing? Let the fabric flow and opt for a breathable skirt that will save you from the summer heat and carry you into fall fashion!


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Skirts can be anything but boring. When looking at options in 27846_1women’s clothing, a basic skirt can be paired with almost any top to bring the focus up with pattern and keep you cool on the bottom. There is no reason a skirt has to be a basic ‘staple’ item; find your perfect skirt for summer fashion in our collection. Modern day Moroccan and Bohemian style lend the perfect trending theme to your perfect summer statement skirt. Go big and go bold with the long, flowing, brightly patterned Marguerite Skirt. This piece has a perfect sweeping circle design with a little exotic spice. Keep it simple on top and opt for a solid color to let the pattern on the skirt take main stage. A skirt like this offers tremendous versatility when looking for pieces that will go from day to night.

Keep Calm, And Chill On

Summer days may be driftin’ away, but oh those summer… temps! Test out the lighter side of fabrics to make the most of your summer skirt collection. Fabrics like cotton, linen, rayon and several others have a greater ability to absorb and release moisture, making them perfect for those steamy days. Linen in particular is one of the most breathable fabrics for skirts. It’s composed with the strength of cotton, but is very lightweight and absorbent, making it a summer go to. During the summer you will find a lot of linen in women’s clothing for this reason alone. Take a look at our Summer Fun Skirt and our Bodrum Beach Skirt, both constructed with linen and made to flow beautifully as you move.

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It’s All In The Details.

23906Live on the detailed side with a women’s skirt intricately marked with fine craftsmanship. Skirts with elaborate embellishments don’t always mean heavy and warm. Look for options that make you look gorgeous and feel cool all day. The Suzette Skirt has been a Soft Surroundings staple for years, and there is reason we carry it every year. Basically it’s prefect! Dazzling hand-sewn beading is only enhanced with delicate embroidery. This skirt is so touchable soft, and easy to wear with an elastic waist.


Let that fabric flow, and keep style in mind to cool down your summer wardrobe with skirts!