Declare Your Style with Accent Pillows

By on August 28, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

Pillows can work miracles. With minimal expense and effort, they add comfort, color and contrast to stagnant or uninspired décor. A few well-chosen pillows will perk up a sleepy sofa, polish up a rustic bench, bring creative flair to a classic chair and of course, pad the derrière.

Pillows aren’t just for beds and couches anymore. Because they are both functional and decorative, they’re perfect for any and all gathering places. Use pillows to bring character to standard kitchen chairs, or give sitting rooms, entryways, window seats and recliner chairs more charm.

Whether your pillow persona leans toward ribbons and beads, embroidery, applique or cutwork, Soft Surroundings has your style. Read on and find a new favorite, or experiment with something outside your design comfort zone. You can’t make a mistake with pillows.

71260_1Posh and Eclectic

Is there an adorable canine that’s stolen your heart? Is he or she allowed to sit on the couch? Well, this pillow is! From Beagle to Pug, Retriever to Lab, you’ll find your best friend amongst our Needlepoint Dog Pillows. Collect a few and line them up on a couch or bench. Their undeniably expressive faces will delight and captivate almost as well as the real thing.



Modern and Cozy

Snuggle up with the coziest of pillows, but also some of the most popular: our exclusive Cable Knit Euro Shams and Boudoir Pillows. We designed them using a super-soft mix of acrylic and wool for long-lasting love, and we made them in décor-blending but not boring neutral colors. Then we buttoned every one up with a series of round buttons down the back. You’ll love the little touches on these pillows, most especially the braided cable knit.


Rock and Roll

Take a look at the Celestial Sequin Pillow. Although the stars in the night sky inspired the design of this pillow we think it epitomizes the glamorous nature of rock and roll. With thousands of hand-sewn sequins and beads on the front, it jams with Hollywood style. Position it on a traditional linen upholstered bergére chair or settee for an instant attitude adjustment. Or toss it on a monotone palette bed and you’ll feel like you walked on the wild side without leaving the bedroom.


Uptown Meets Downtown

Sumptuous, longhaired sheepskin is the star attraction with our Luxury Shearling Pillow. It takes chic to new heights. In ivory or taupe, it integrates with almost any color scheme and contributes a pop of high-fashion finesse without much expense. Want to feel like the heroine in a Russian novel? Why not, when it’s as easy as placing this pillow on the bed or a chair in your boudoir?


California Casual

For something completely different, scatter our Starfish and Sand Dollar Burlap Pillows in the arms of the wicker porch chair or loveseat. They have the laid-back air we attribute to The Golden State and who doesn’t need a little of that all-I-want-to-do-is-have-fun perspective once in a while?

Elegant and Classic

70977Louis XVI sophistication marks the Crewel Damask Pillow as the ultimate in graceful accent pieces. It melds a pleasing, hand-embroidered palette of blue, chartreuse and white into a French damask design, but the motif is as much unique and interpretive as it is classical. It reminds us of tropical leaves, orchids and pineapples. Pair this pillow with the Crewel Damask Pouf and transform the room—because what is a pouf except an oversized pillow?


Nod to Nature

Give nature the nod with our exquisite Le Printemps Pillow and your room will be forever in bloom. Brilliant-hued tulips stand tall on this 100% Belgian linen. It’s so gorgeous it’s no wonder a butterfly has fluttered into the design. We love using this pillow on a chair in a breakfast nook or accenting a kitchen banquette with it, then setting the table with three sunny tulips in a vase.


Boho Beautiful

Pure Belgian linen is hand painted with vibrant imagery in our Mariposa Fringed Pillow. Mariposa is French for butterfly, and this specimen is vivid and exotic. Shades of cerulean, cobalt and sky are nearly iridescent on this lady’s wings and the pillow is encircled with a natural jute brush fringe adding a touch of bohemian vibe. This pillow perfectly coordinates with our vintage-inspired Palermo Quilt.


French Sophisticate

Dabble in a little tapestry. Our Mas La Barque Tapestry Pillow has the richness and femininity of a French antique with pink and rouge roses and Florentine scrolls. History says Marie Antoinette escaped the rigors of French courtly life to her country getaway of Petit Trianon. We wonder whether she hugged a pillow much like this one while she relaxed in sophisticated splendor.


Worldly Wonder

Natural linen is the backdrop for the delicate hand sewn art on our Radiance Beaded Pillow. The design typifies ancient Indian scroll work and the hand-applied glass beads sparkle and shine on the neutral ground. We were drawn to this piece because it juxtaposes natural simplicity with fancy embellishment. Imagine what wonders it can do for modern, traditional or antique décor.


Ever The Romantic

Amour at first sight. That’s what we felt when our eyes fell on the Amour Pillow Cover and we think you’ll have that reaction too! Ten inch square pure linen is appliqued and embroidered with the French word for love, and framed with a soft ruffle. Its ivory color goes with any look or location. It’s the next best thing to wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Mix and Match

Mix it up. Or match it up. If there’s one trick designers turn to consistently is to use a combination of pillows for surprising pop and personality. For example, the shared graphic motif in our Crewel Damask Pillow works next to our Radiance Beaded Pillow, even though you might not see the match at first blush. Experimentation is key. With a little imagination, declaring your personality with pillows is one of the quickest way to make a house feel like your home.

Don’t forget to drop us a line and let us know what pillows you love and how or where you’ve used them. We always want to hear our customer’s ideas—you never fail to teach us something new! (Use the comment section below.)