Around the World without Leaving Your Bed

By on October 8, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

Do you remember your first bedroom? What color was the paint and what was the bed like? What did you display on the walls? Do you remember the bedding? Did you have a comforter or quilt, blankets and a lot of pillows?

Most of us can remember all or part of the bedroom we first recognized as our own. Maybe it had a special vanity, or a desk with bookshelves where you lined up your stuffed animals, seashells or some other personal possessions.

That’s the way bedrooms are: personal.

We love the other rooms in our houses. We bring excitement and energy to decorating them and making them just the way we want them. But furnishing and décor in our bedrooms usually has more emotion to it—it resonates deeper. The bedroom reflects our true self because it’s a more private space. And that makes our bedrooms uniquely ours.

We’ve seen a lot of bedding and bedroom furniture on our travels around the world. We’ve thought a lot about what makes a quilt an heirloom quilt, and what makes a master bedroom feel like an escape to a 5-star hotel. The answer to those questions is a little different for everyone. But the common threads have to do with comfort, quality, softness, and of course, design.

At Soft Surroundings, we take bedding pretty seriously. We have many ensembles to choose from and most of them are named after the places in the world that have inspired us.

So the idea behind this blog is to take a trip around the world—without leaving your bed! Relax and travel to Europe and beyond with us. Along the way, we’ll describe a few of the things that make each of our bedding collections special. And we hope you’ll be inspired too!

Where to begin….

Positano, Italy

The small town of Positano is on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. It is as picturesque and pretty as any place on earth. The sun bleaches the rustic streets and steep stacked houses to delicate shades of ivory, pink, coral and terracotta. Wisteria vines and purple flowers drape from archways and stone stair railings. The sea is a glorious blue/green and a whisper of a breeze blows in off the water, through shuttered windows, around the narrow streets.

These are the impressions we gathered and used to create our Positano Bedding Collection. In aqua or coral, the quilt and bed sham feature tones of celadon and lilac too. The banded motif is a layered interplay of stripes and flowers, swirls and concentric circles pulling together shapes that are iconic to Italy, Spain, Morocco and Portugal.

The Positano Bedding Ensemble, paired with on of our blankets, is a soft and sumptuous way to bring a little of the Italian seaside into your home.positano

Palermo, Sicily

The city of Palermo is truly a melting pot. Throughout history, scores upon scores of invaders have claimed it as their own so the architecture is a beautiful mix of eras and styles. You might walk the streets of Palermo and see buildings from the Baroque to the Byzantine. And everything seems to radiate a glimmering golden hue.

Vintage Italian textiles and the city it is named after inspired our Palermo Quilt and Bed Shams. The faded colors of gold, ochre and cream are highlighted with aqua and rose flowers. The fabric used to create this heavenly soft bedding is a superior blend of cotton and linen. The main portion of the quilt has been meticulously lattice stitched and that is surrounded with a channel-stitched abstract border. The ensemble has a faded gentility to it. Exquisite.

We like pairing our Palermo Collection with our Heritage Euro Sham and Mariposa Fringed Pillow for texture and surprise.


Florence, Italy

We created our beautiful Uffizi Bedding Collection based on an antique Florentine design that reminds us of motifs in the famous Uffizi Gallery. The tones are an elegant combination of antique stone, warm taupe and champagne and the fabric is pure cotton. Each medallion is outlined with stitching to further bring out the old-world design.

Our Uffizi Bedding has a regal bearing, an opulent softness and details like rounded corners and gold cord trim to make it truly shine. The quilt reverses to a solid grey voile, traced with delicate stitches. The luxuriousness of our Uffizi Collection is especially keen when paired with our Bamboo Sheet Set and our Raw Silk Woven Bed Skirt.


The South of France

It’s not that we prefer one part of the magical Mediterranean more than another—how could we? But we do have a soft spot for our amazing antique markets in the South of France.

There’s really nothing quite like getting up early in the morning and strolling through one of these lovely markets. Treasure abound. And the feeling of finding one is ever on our mind and a complete thrill when it happens.

Our awesome French Market Bedding Collection is modeled nearly exactly after an antique one we found in a market in St. Remy. The stitching is impeccable—including a quilting technique called trapunto. With trapunto, the quilter appliques shapes onto the quilt’s design and stuffs them with filling to raise them up. It’s a textural element that adds so much charm. Our French Market Quilt is everything that makes an heirloom piece, including the rich cotton and linen fabric.


Morocco, North Africa

We are going to round out our “bedding travels” with a trip to Morocco via our Marrakesh Express Bedding Collection. These pieces are so beautiful it’s difficult to describe! They combine the soothing shapes of water rippling in intricately tiled fountains, and the vivid color of green palm leaves against the terra cotta walls of the bazaar. The quilt’s edges are finished with a generous flange and self-ties at the corners. We think falling asleep in our Marrakesh Bedding is almost like slumbering in an exotic tent!


Continue your Journey

Keep traveling around the world (virtually) by visiting the bedding tab on our website. You might find yourself in Lagos, Portugal, a coral house in the Caribbean or Bali, and the romantic and elegant region of Normandy, France—all without leaving our bedding collections!