Faux Meets Fab

By on October 10, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

A must-have accent for your fall wardrobe, faux fur has its place in every collection of women’s clothing. Most faux fur is made from a synthetic acrylic blend. Acrylic is a great choice for apparel for many reasons:

1.   It provides an incredible sheen and luster.
2.  The fiber has a natural resistance to moths and oils.
3.  This synthetic fiber is very resistant to natural sunlight degradation.
4.  An uneven surface area of the fiber provides dynamic texture.
5.  Acrylic is a budget friendly way to get that real fur lux look.

The Soft Surroundings collection of faux fur items for winter 2015 range from capes, to gloves, to legwarmers: all warm and fashionable choice for the impending cold season. Take a look at some of our Faux Fur favs below.

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Faux isn’t just for fur though. This season we’re featuring faux suede in our trend Fee Fi Faux: Fabulous Suede Imposters. Faux Suede is produced from thin layers of polyester fibers. While this may seem less glamorous than the suede of the Parisian Runway, this man made material is far more durable. That’s only one of the benefits of faux suede:

1.  Faux suede is budget friendly.
2.  Faux suede is more easily cleaned because it is less sensitive to water than natural suede. In fact many items are machine washable (be sure to check labels, though)
3.  The man-made nature of the fibers means the item is less prone to staining due to the tightly woven material.
4.  While some enjoy the natural smell of suede, those who are bothered by the smell will notice less/no odor with man-made suede.

Additionally, faux suede can be very easily subtly introduced to almost any style. Any fashionista can add just a touch with a fabulous pair of shoes, or go all out in a head-to-toe suede dress or jacket. Below are some of our personal favorite pieces.

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