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By on October 19, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

As we head into the drudges of cold and flu season many will turn to towelettes and wipes to save our immune systems. Not all of us, however, enjoy the smell or drying feeling of the typical anti-bacterial sanitizer. What if there was another option? Well there is ;). One of our newest beauty recommendations comes from Herban Essentials. Our Herban Essentials Towelettes are produced with pure essential oils- this means that these towelettes not only have a fantastic smell, but they are also naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. Whether you are looking for the perfect germ killer, makeup remover, or just a pleasant aroma these are the perfect on the go solution.
Now comes the most difficult part, choosing your perfect scent. Check out our quiz below to lead you to that signature essential. Simply keep track of your answers and match your answers to your scent!


1. What is your signature go to bag?

a. The work tote or briefcase
b. Fringed tote
c. Yoga bag
d. Crisp structured bag
e. “It’s just me and my pockets.”

2. Which best describes you signature scent?

a. Light and Fresh
b. Fruity
c. Floral
d. Sultry
e. Not a fan of extra scents

3. How would your closest gal pal describe your personality?

a. Refreshing
b. Happy
c. Calming
d. Peppy
e. Casual and Natural

4. Which of these colors speaks to you?

a. Yellow
b. Orange
c. Purple
d. Red
e. Green

5. These towels are the solution- so what is the source of your problem?

a. The office still smells like the 70’s.
b. Sticky kiddos everywhere.
c. Stress of life.
d. In need of a boost.
e. Just looking for an extra helper.



Read for the results? Tally those answers!


Mostly A’s:
Lemon is for you! Looks like you already brighten everyone’s day- why not take some time for you? This scent is great to leave you with a wonderfully fresh and clean feeling. Lemon oil also makes the perfect facial astringent.




Mostly B’s:
You are an orange girl all the way! You have a busy life and could probably use an extra burst of happiness and soothing aromas. This is a kiddo favorite too.



Mostly C’s:
Relax. Breathe. And smell the Lavender. Your ‘zen’ lies in this oil known for its calming and healing abilities. A small rub on your temples will have you ready to face the rest of the day.




Mostly D’s:
Bang, Boom, Bam! You are invigorating peppermint for sure. You step out the door ready to take the day by storm, but even superwoman can use an energizing scent throughout the day! Little known fact- this one helps with nausea too.



Mostly E’s:
Children of Mother Earth require minimal extras and Eucalyptus is a perfect match made in nature for you! You may be a minimalist, but you still crave a clean environment with a cooling feel. Use these wipes to calm sore muscles or as a natural insect repellent.

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    Can you deliver my packages do have a little boy hard to get to stores and its foe a surprise party if I don’t reciece the gift I will have to cancel my order

    • Soft Spoken Soft Surroundings

      Hi T, we would be happy to help! Just contact our Customer Care Center (800-240-7076) and one of our wonderful representatives would be delighted help you check the status of your order.

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