Poof! Easy Holiday Décor with Pillows.

By on December 7, 2015, in Soft Surroundings

Yes, it’s true. Some of us LIVE for the holidays. We prepare our lights and garland and deck the halls the minute the Holiday dishes are washed and dried—or sooner!

But there are some of us who drag our fuzzy-slippered feet. (You know who you are!) The idea of unpacking and repacking boxes of holiday decorations and putting the twinkle and magic up all over the house is daunting and too-too time-consuming.

Guess what? We have a perfect solution. Ho-ho-ho holiday pillows. Toss and scatter a few of our festive pillows on the sofa, chair, bed, entry bench and not only will you have spiced up the place, you’ll do it with style and character.

Take a look….

Holiday Sayings Pillows

Say what’s on your mind. Or better yet, let your pillows say it for you this holiday. These traditional red and green plush cotton velvet pillows are embroidered with modern words of whimsy. Sayings are both naughty and nice! Gold lettering is framed with metallic cord trim and the small size means you can line up several on a bench or couch to start some colorful conversations.

The petite size also means these pillows can easily be stored when the season ends, so the put-away part is pretty effortless.


Jingle Bell Pillow

The mix of materials used to make our Jingle Bell Pillow creates something special and memorable. Beautifully embroidered in classic silver grey on natural linen-blend fabric, the word “jingle” is accented with a single silver bell dotting the “i”. The corners are rounded and traced with sophisticated grey piping. Don’t be surprised if your guests give this one a jingle every time they see it.


Joy Snowflake Pillow

A perky companion to our Jingle Bell Pillow, the Joy Snowflake Pillow is made of matching materials with one exception: the grey embroidered “o” is bejeweled with glisteny crystals. It will catch the eye and communicate the spirit of the season from across the room.

Put our Jingle and Joy on guest bed or kitchen banquette and presto: instant holiday décor!


Shimmering Snowflake Pillow

Another wintry showstopper is our elegant Shimmering Snowflake Pillow. Appliqued snowflakes settle on a fabric field of ivory cotton. Each snowflake is unique. And each one is trimmed with crystals and jewels. This pillow is perfect for the holiday season and enduring décor throughout the winter months. A feather-down insert keeps it fluffy and the subtle neutral tones and expert craftsmanship make it a luxurious treasure.


Prancing Reindeer Pillow

Proud and spirited, the prancing reindeer captured in white wool on this pillow is timeless and iconic. We love the background of cherry-red cotton for the snap of color it brings to a room and the contrast it casts against the elegant neutrals of our chairs and sofas. In a grouping, these seasonal pillows lend a refined holiday attitude for little or no effort.


Blanche Velvet Pillow

A constellation of faceted jewels, each one ringed with silver beads, is strewn across this snow-white velvet pillow. It’s a luxurious statement during the holiday season and beyond. Display a few of our mercury glass trees and flameless candles with one or more of these pillows and your holiday decor is complete. Best thing: it all looks great through New Year’s and beyond. So if you like to stretch the season out, or can’t hurry the cleanup, this is the look for you.


Celestial Sequin Pillow

Here’s another year ‘round keeper that only shines brighter at the holidays. The Celestial Sequin Pillow is hand-beaded with hundreds of shiny sequins, edged in piping and backed with elegant solid grey. Nestle it in the nook of a linen chair or sofa and throw one of our decadent Paris Faux Furs on the arm and you’ve conjured a wintry wonderland.


Beyond Pillows

Flickering candles. Crystal ornaments dangling from chair backs or centered in windows. And a trio of angels gracing your table. Shop all of our holiday décor and especially our pillows to see how easy it is to dress things up for the season without much fuss at all.