Another Trip Around the Sun

By on January 28, 2016, in Soft Surroundings

As we near the end of January 2016 we’re taking time to look back at our 2015 journey around the sun. We traveled far and wide this year seeking the latest inspiration the world has to offer….


Our founder Robin headed east to Africa to begin her year.



Travel took us northward for a stay in India where intricate medallion designs and bright colors brought new life to our spring/summer collections.



Next was a journey to Marrakech to delve into the luxurious fabrics and designs of the Moroccan culture.



This year ended south of the boarder in San Miguel, Mexico where our endless weekend collection was inspired by the people and scenery of the location.



Soft Surroundings has been fortunate enough to travel near and far to bring our loyal customer a truly global style. We’ve sought out the best, the different, and the surprising for our line. We would love to see a peek of your 2015 trip around the sun. Leave us a comment or post a picture below to share with us!

  • Bj

    I sadly was not able to travel due to the rounds of chemo for my autoimmune disease. However I made the best in my back yard and had many sun retreats. Why not make your special where you can. 😉

    • Soft Spoken Soft Surroundings

      That’s a lovely outlook Bj! We’ll be sending you best wishes for your health!

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