Yoga Poses for Stress Relief & Better Sleep

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The most important part of yoga is getting into the proper mindset. Focus on your breath traveling throughout every inch of your body. Lay on your back with your knees bent, feet flat. Place your palm on your stomach and feel the rise and fall of your diaphragm with each inhalation/exhalation. Focus on expanding your stomach on the inhale, contracting on the exhale. Count the seconds of each inhalation and exhalation and work to lengthen your exhalation so it is longer than the inhale. Keep this pattern as you move through the yoga poses. Try to hold each pose for two minutes.

1) Legs Up the Wall Pose
Before climbing in bed, lay on the floor about 6” away from the wall with your legs vertical up the wall. Adjust your distance based on comfort. A small rolled towel in the small of your back can help keep your spine in proper alignment. Tune into your breath, quiet your mind and feel the tension melt away.1leguppose


2) Seated Spinal Twist
Sit on your bed (or floor) with your legs crossed, stretch your left arm across your body and grab your right knee. Reach right arm back behind you. Sit up straight and breathe through the stretch. Switch sides.



3) Child’s Pose
Come to your hands and knees, knees hip width apart. Sink back to your heels and stretch your arms out in front. Widen your knees to drop your head and chest to the bed. Feel your breath as your stretch.



3) Reclining Butterfly
Roll over to your back, stretch your arms out long at a 45˚ angle. Knees should be bent, soles flat on the bed. Slowly drop knees to the side, bringing soles together. Don’t worry if your knees don’t lay flat. Don’t force it, just focus on sinking your groin into your pelvis. A small rolled towel under the small of your back can aid proper alignment.



4) Knee Hug Pose
Bring your knees back up together and hug them to your chest. Grasp either across your shins or behind your knees to gently draw them closer. Exhale as you gently reach your nose to your knees, stretching your back. Listen to your breath and breathe…



5) Release, sink back into bed and enjoy sweet dreams!


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    Thank you for reminding me of how this helps me feel so comfortable in my body.

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      As every woman deserves to feel Angel!

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